Looking out the window is a favorite past time. Bears thinks it's pretty fun too.

Her daddy spoils her and buys her ice cream from the ice cream truck. She begs for it and he can't say no. He's learned only to buy her the $1 bars now though, she wants ice cream desperately, but then doesn't actually eat much.
This guy is soooo serious about his chubs. *ahem* I mean muscle.
She liked directing me on how she wanted her mask colored.
Max has a little obsession with Raggedy Ann. Her black features are eye catching to him I think and as an extra bonus, her hands look like nipples apparently, as he's always trying to taste them.
Hiking up Bowman Fork.

Kins is getting along with Max so much better now. She tries to play with him and rarely does anything that could hurt him now.

After mowing the lawn with daddy she wanted to vacuum too.
BEETLES! These beetles are dead. But, whatever, makes no difference to Kins. She often tells me how they can bite her. This is her main focus at the park these days. Usually live beetles though.
Max loves bejewled.
I love her curls.
Checking to see if porcupine has a fever.
Here you go Max.

At a 4th of July parade.
This area of Millcreek is gorgeous. I love how the whole forest floor is covered with a green carpet.
Hangin' out playing with animals.
The rec center pool was closed on the 4th. Kins had just as much fun in her tiny pool.
At the parade. She was into digging in the dirt, but one of the floats really caught her attention for a moment.

Sharing nicely.

Stoked about the bird Kins shared with him.
At our playgroup. She didn't want to leave the trampoline for anything.
Library playtime is packed in the summer. Where's Kins??
She loves her Brama.


  1. All cute pics. I recognize the green carpeted forest.
    Max is developing his personality and becoming more interesting to Kins. Sweet to see them in the early stages of learning to play together. Brama loves Kins, too!

  2. When did Max become such a giant baby?! He's huge.

    People tell me that Millcreek is a great place to hike. I keep intending to visit instead of driving all the way to Solitude.

  3. I love those pictures of zoey and max playing on the floor together. Especially the fact that they seem to be wearing the same size diaper in them.

  4. Yes! The pics of Zoey and Max on the floor together in dippers are great! you should make one of them black and white and frame it. My other favorite pic is the one of Max entitled chubs!

  5. Max's eyes are so big and blue. :) I love the closeup of him and the closeup of Zoey. The forest hike looks fun. Also, I love the pics of the two of them. They upper part of their bodies look almost the same size!


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