Our insurance is 800 dollars per month for the 4 of us. It's madness. I have to have a surgery*, and right after, I'm switching us to a 200/month plan with a 10k deductible. It's maternity benefit is actually just as "good" as the one on my plan now.... if by good, you mean they will pay everything over $7,500, even though it only cost around 8k total. We could end up paying more than with our plan now, but at least we're not certainly going to pay 800/month. I hate private health care and how it's impossible to afford a decent plan.

Yesterday I tried to find an important document about a crime that I committed when I didn't get my cat who ran away his rabies vaccine. I couldn't find it anywhere. Later that day, I remembered I had carefully cleared a space on the refrigerator for it and magneted it up. I've already received phone calls from attorneys who want to let me know about how they can help me fight my misdemeanor, which is now public record.

The radon and meth testing came back negative on the home we're hoping to buy. Then we had to get started figuring out the easement issue, then the mortgage company said they need a maintenance agreement for the road. Elizabeth was cool enough to give me a recommendation for an attorney who has been really great, this home purchase is way too complicated not to have legal help. We still have the whole loan process ahead of us too.

Buying a home with easement issues, researching new health insurance, getting a surgery, and still adjusting to my new little man all in the same month is really straining my brain. Things like where I put the above mentioned legal documents are just leaking out all over the place.

* Yes, and surgery is Tuesday. Bleh. Time to get rid of my good buddy, my companion for the past 4 months or so, the lump on my throat. I'm just lucky it is very unlikely to cause me any more trouble than just having to have an outpatient surgery. I'm not too excited about general anesthesia, though. I've never had it, and it does freak me out some thinking about it. 


  1. I'm so glad it's working out well!

    Good luck on your surgery. It's got to be uncomfortable to have a lump in your throat. I had heartburn so bad for awhile that it was causing the tissue to be inflamed and feel like something was stuck in there, so I can only imagine.

    1. Luckily, the lump is on the outside of my throat, so I can't usually tell its there unless I'm touching it (or looking in the mirror). Ugh, that would be so brutal if it was on the inside. Definitely could be worse.

  2. You have had a lot to deal with recently. Fortunately, you handle stress pretty well. We'll be glad to see the little ones next week and try to help out as you recover from the surgery.
    I agree, affordable health insurance has gotten to be a huge problem.

    1. It's going to be a huge help to have you guys here. And Kins will be so thrilled to have a visit from Brama and papa.


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