Kins was excited to have her nails painted. She sat perfectly still and marveled over the process. Then she even had fun holding her fingers out straight and waving her hands around to dry her nails. I was trying to get her to hold her hands out in front of her face, but this was even better. So serious about her nails, very vogue.
Max practicing head control and being chubbalicious.
Sammy brought over a suitcase when she visited, it was a big hit. Kins still talks about the suitcase every couple of days, and it's been almost a month.
Perty lashes. I love how thick they're getting.
Whatcha doing Kins? "Sleeping in window!" (Giggles hysterically)
Having fun with her friend Sammy.
Kins is loving putting on lipstick and then looking in the mirror. I couldn't see to get a decent pic of her wearing her lipstick, this was the best one I managed.
Max loves watching this mobile and sitting in this swinging chair. Makes it easy for me to get in a work out. I'm still about 7 pounds up from where I want to be, speaking of working out. Stupid lack of self control.
They were both on important business calls. Sammy captured the moment.
A little ponytail.
Handsome man.
Not quite sure.
Trying to show how tiny Max's foot is next to Kins.. but.. turns out it isn't really all that tiny compared to her feet. She's still wearing the shoe size of a 12-18 month old.
Wearing adult shoes, a huge obsession.
Nearly every chance she gets she snuggles up in bed like this and wants to watch tv. I try to keep my door shut to prevent this unhealthy obsession. It's so funny though when I forget and find her in the pitch black, snuggled up happily. She'll talk about how nice and cozy she is an it's just too cute.
Such cute curls. She doesn't like to have her hair done much, if it pulls even a tiny bit she starts flailing around and yelling, "no pigtails!!" She does enjoy a quick flower clip, but without a rubber band they just fall out in a couple minutes. For now, she prefers her hair down most of the time, which means she's always swiping it out of her eyes.


  1. My favs are Kins, all nice and cozy in bed, and Max duded up and looking alarmingly handsome.
    Love the word "Chubbalicious," which fits little Max perfectly.

  2. I like Kins having an important phone call. She's really growing out of the toddler stage and starting to look like a kid in the third to last picture. It must be those big shoes.

  3. they are just too precious...both of them...

  4. I forgot she was so into the suitcase. Reminds me of my cat. Also Zoey is almost doing a frogger stretch on the floor there. I had such a fun time visiting. Can't wait till next time!

  5. All adorable pictures. Have to say that my favorite's the nail pic though. She just looks so blasted glamorous. Max's lashes really are getting long. He's definitely getting very pretty looking eyes. Good thing he's got such a strong jaw to keep him looking just the right amount of masculine too.


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