2nd times the charm?

We had an offer on a home accepted, and we're working on doing all the due diligence we need to in order to be sure it's a smart decision. Unlike the last home we were looking at buying, this one appears to be structurally sound and not to have any big problems. It's a unique situation where you drive across other people's land to access it though, and we are working on making sure that the access has been made clearly legal and perpetual. It looks like it is, but being 100% sure isn't quite as easy as you would think. We're also waiting on radon and meth tests to come back. Soo, maybe a 85% chance we're moving I would say... more or less. Tim and I were cracking up because on the land plat it described all the landmarks and edges of the property and easement with such great detail, listing the exact gps coordinates for everything, then, after having described every edge and length in excruciating detail, the last sentence of the huge paragraph is, "more or less".

I don't want to get too excited prematurely, but, this would be such a great place to raise kids. It's at the end of a little dirt road where bunnies, horses, chickens and peacocks can be seen frequently. I imagine we would take daily strolls down the quaint little lane. It's got quite a few big shade trees, is a large lot, has a huge garage for all of Tim's company equipment, and is a lot more than we really need on the inside of the home too.

Lots of work will lie ahead if it works out, getting our home ready to sell, moving, going through the loan process. It will be a busy summer. And, if it doesn't work out, then we can spend the summer doing more playing. Either way, I'm so glad summer is here.


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the meth test. There was an article about a couple in a house near SLC that only discovered that the house had dangerous levels of meth in it after they bought it. The only way to fix the problem was to replace all the sheetrock.

    My fingers are crossed that it will workout. You aren't moving up to Ogden, are you? I know a house there with a ton of peacocks. I had only been in Utah a couple months and was driving when a peacock crossed the road!

  2. We're glad it's looking favorable. Lots of work ahead to make the move, but would be a good permanent home for you.

  3. I've got a really good feeling about this place...I'll be surprised if it doesn't go through.


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