Kins is slowly getting better with Max. She is doing a lot less clawing and more kissing and talking. I definitely can't leave them together alone even for a second, but I can leave him in her reach when I'm in the room and not constantly be preventing injury.
Most of my pictures don't show his eye color very well. It's similar to Kin's.
Making a mess with pa-cheeros (spaghettios).
Making a mess with Nutella. Food is mostly for messes, rarely for eating.
Feeling pretty with her flower clip. She often requests a hair clip. Hair clips come second to her obsession with shoes though. She will play with shoes for an hour at a time. Putting them on and taking them off her hands and feet, then admiring herself wearing them.
She was getting a big kick out of Max riding on her shoulders. She was running around the house laughing her head off because daddy had Max sitting on hour shoulders while they sprinted around.
A sleep smile. I have a hard time getting his awake smiles on camera. I thought the camera obsession started later with babies, but he's already there. Can't hold a camera up to take his picture when he's smiling without the smile immediately being wiped off his face, due to his fascination with the camera.
Some smiley faces drawn by Kins. She's into making the eyes very large these days. She carefully draws the eyes, pauses, then dramatically swipes the marker across the paper for the smile.
One day she kept arranging a tea party for herself. She put a spoon in each cup, and carefully pull up the pink chair just so. Then she'd move it all to the other side of the coffee table.


  1. It's amazing how boyish max looks. He has an alarmed expression in the photo with Kins holding him. Maybe he's worried that she's not quite as reliable as you had hoped!

  2. lol I love how in her tea party picture she's also got one of Locke's old shoes up there to play with. Such a silly girl. and your mom's right...max does look quite skeptical over zoey holding him in that picture. It really is crazy how masculine he looks compared to zoey even at that age. It's definitely obvious that he's a boy. I think it's his manly jawline.

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  4. I thought the shoe was a nice addition to the tea party myself. :) The top picture of Max is so cute how he's just out.

  5. I usually drink coffee out of my shoe.


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