Max is Two Months Old

He wasn't too sure about such a bold public display of affection. 
 Getting a kick out of mama being goofy.
 Trying to talk to mama.
 Trying sooo hard to figure out how that blasted hand of his operates.
  This pic is pretty funny, because he was perfectly happy a moment before the picture was taken.
He smiles all the time now, huge smiles that last for 30 seconds at a time, that feature his deep dimple on his right cheek. He seems to try to laugh sometimes, it sounds like a little cough, and it surprises him when it happens. He is so easy to please most of the time, even if he's upset, he will take a break from crying if you smile at him to flash you that charming smile of his. He will often hang out in his chair happily when I have to get things done, just inspecting the fish toys hanging down from it.

He can hold his weight on his legs for a few seconds or more at a time, and he loves doing it. He just needs support for balance.

He weighs around 13 pounds. His 0-3 month clothes are getting very snug, and he is already into size 2 diapers. For comparison, Kin's just recently grew out of size 3 diapers. Here he is showing off his chubs.
Here he is wearing a onesie that fits him the same way it fit Kins when she was 5 months old.
A lot of the hair on the top of his head fell out about a month ago, and it's coming back in now. It's still dark, it looks like he won't have blonde hair like Tim, Kins, and I. He's going to be a striking fellow, with blue eyes and dark hair. He was born with sparse eyelashes, as was Kins, and they've already filled in quite a bit. They're darker than Kin's are, and it looks like they'll get full and long like hers too. Here they are at 6 weeks old, they already are thicker now that he's 8 weeks.
He is getting easy at night. He sometimes sleeps 8 hours at night, and it's gotten rare for him to want to nurse more than once a night. I'm living the dream now!

Kin's is a little better with him each day, but it's going to be very nice when she can start to interact with him more and they can become friends. I look forward to seeing him reach all of those exciting milestones, and at the same time, wish I could slow time down a little. I thought time flew when Kin's was his age, but that was nothing compared to how fast it goes by when I'm busy with two little ones. And now it's time for me to take my little guy out on the deck, and snuggle him while I read a book and Kins naps. Nice weather has arrived, and I'm eating it up.


  1. he is so cute....isn't it funny how alike but how different they can be..cute photos...

  2. He has the sweetest smile!

  3. I love his old man dapper outfit. and yeah that smile is pretty adorable...somehow it's even more magical in person. Pretty great pictures.

  4. I had so much fun visiting! Max is a cutie. How could he not be look at his sister... You and Tim make some adorable kids. <3


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