Kins Says

After waking up at 5 am, she stood up in her crib, and held her blankie over the edge threatening to drop it. Finally, she did. A minute later she decided she was still tired and wanted to go back to sleep instead of getting up. She laid down, but decided she couldn't sleep without her blankie, so she tried desperately to reach through her crib bars down to the floor to get it back. She started making a big show of grunting with the futile effort, which saying, "I can't reach! I need help!" I think it's interesting how she knows to say "I" even though in situations where she learned what can't reach meant, I was saying, "You can't reach."

It cracks me up that she refuses to say, "binkie". She says it "dinkie". I worked with her one day, saying things like, "B is for binkie, bah, bah, bah-inkie". She would say, "B, bah bah, dee-inkie". She can say the B perfectly, but for some reason she really prefers to say dinkie.

Another crib story... she was supposed to be napping, but had been carrying on singing and wandering around her crib instead. Suddenly, she stated loudly, "big poo poo." Half a second later, she yelled it, "BIG POO POO!!!" Wanted to make sure I didn't miss it I guess.

She can tell the difference between the sound of an airplane, lawn mower, and motorcycle pretty accurately. She is really into letting you know which one just passed. If you don't look at her when she tells you, she marches up, takes your face in her hands, turns it toward her, and tells you again. 


  1. "Dinkie" sounds like a perfectly correct word to me!
    With her loud poo poo announcement, she's just trying to share the good news, don't you think?

  2. Pretty impressive that she can tell the difference between motorcycle/airplane etc. Bears is just now starting to get a handle on that stuff but he's very excited about the topic too. Dinkie does have more of a ring to it. She's just waiting for you to come around and realize that her version's much better.


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