Kins chasing Bears around. He was pretty intimidated, which she thought was hilarious. I especially love all her little squealing noises as she chases him around and the way she kept flailing her hands all around on his back when she caught up to him. Ah, the joy one can experience chasing around a bouncy ball.


  1. She's pretty determined when she's chasing Bears! The poor boy does seem a bit overwhelmed by her persistence.

  2. Man...we had to watch both of those videos at least 10 times before Bears had his fill of them. apparently it was a real confidence booster to see himself chased so enthusiastically by zoey. That video of zoey will the ball was definitely good stuff too. lol, he's always trying to get us to open those bouncy balls for him as well. Those blasted seams where they're glued together just seem like they're meant to be pried apart in order to get to the amazing treasure that's surely inside.


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