Tiny Guy is One Month Old

He stays awake a lot more than he used to at a time. I still have a hard time getting him awake before afternoon though, he's always very sleepy all morning. He has pretty decent head control, and has really since he was a newborn.

 I think he might be smiling, in the last few days I've seen him smile when he wasn't falling asleep, and it seems like it's in response to Tim or I smiling at him. He always smiles when he is falling asleep, that's very cute. He has an adorable dimple on his right cheek that I see when he smiles big. His poor eye was all watery and goopy for a few days. It looks very sad in this picture, but you can see his little smile.

He isn't the sleeper that Kins was. I was able to sleep 4 hour stretches with her when she was a month, but he is big into eating. This should be a very nice thing when he gets older, maybe getting him to eat won't be the huge hassle that it is with Kins. Right now, it means the longest stretches I get to sleep are 2 or 2.5 hours. I've gotten a couple of 3 hour stretches, and last night I got a full 3.5 hrs, a record. I'm excited for when that becomes more standard... or... *gasp* even longer stretches! I can't tell with a lot of accuracy, since I'm just using my scale at home to weigh myself with and without him, but I think he weighed about 9.6 pounds a week ago, so probably close to 10 now. That explains why he all of a sudden doesn't fit in newborn clothes anymore. I had to put them away this past week and get out the 0-3 month clothes. His little hands and wrists are putting on some adorable chub.
He is a real sweetheart. Getting enough sleep is my biggest challenge with him, otherwise he is as easy as could be to take care of most of the time. He usually wakes up on his own for at least several hours in the afternoon or evening. At first, I would have to work to keep him up some during these hours, but most of the time he's up on his own now. He just hangs out and looks around. He's usually content unless something obvious is wrong, hungry, pooped, needs to burp, ect.

He is playing the tongue game, which Kins also did around this age. It's so cute. When I stick my tongue out at him and he notices his eyes widen and he raises his eyebrows. It's big time exciting. Then he works his hardest to copy me.

Kins is getting a little better with him each day. She is still prone to grabbing him roughly and yanking on him, but she hasn't been trying to scratch him as much anymore. She is sweet more of the time. She enjoys giving him a "nice kiss" or a "nice hug" often. She loves to sit with him in her lap. She loves to discuss what he's up to, "baby sleeping" "baby crying" one time, "baby walking!" said with amazement as he was carried on a walk by Tim.

I'm loving the newborn cuddles as often as I can get them. Taking care of Kins limits my cuddle time, but it's just so sweet when I get it. If I don't have things I need to do, I love spending Kin's nap time snuggling with Max. This month has passed so quickly, I just know he's going to be running around before I have a chance to get in all the cuddle time I want.


  1. Aww! I love baby pudge. Little thigh rolls are the best.

  2. That's crazy that it's been a month already. He's such a cute little guy and all these new pudges that he's getting certainly can't hurt in that department. Yup, nothing beats baby cuddles. Hopefully you can get your fill before he's a busy, busy toddler.

  3. Cute pics! You're going to have to change his name from Tiny Guy to Not so Tiny Guy very soon. With all that eating, he'll be growing fast.

  4. You need a fourth tiger on your blog image. :)

  5. what a little cutie pie...they do grow fast...cant believe he is a month old already..


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