She loves sitting in the black chair on our bed and watching cartoons. Something I tried to limit before Max, but now with all the nursing and pumping she gets to do this a lot so I can keep my eye on her since I'm stuck in one place.
Hanging with daddy and lil bro.
 This pot of dirt kept her happy as could be for at least an hour.
 Max with grandma.
 We got her some hair clips, but unfortunately, she likes to pull them out and stick them in her mouth more than she likes to wear them. So much for keeping her hair out of her eyes.
 Showing off her athletic skills at the top of the slide.
 Woah! Feeling glad to be holding my little boy in my arms now instead of in my bellah.
The above mentioned little boy.
 Cozy ride on daddy's shoulders. She's got a faraway look in her eye, contemplating the meaning of life, no doubt.
 Daddy and Max, both pretty tuckered out the day after being in labor all night long.
 More athletic skillz.
 We've had some gorgeous days lately. Here is Kins on our porch. I find it quite rare to actually venture past our property line on our "walks" these days.
 Such a tiny bundle.

 Kins likes to hold Max. Nerve wracking for me, because I have to be so careful that she won't claw him. But, good, I guess, for her to be enjoying him.


  1. ohh man I'd forgotten just how huge you'd gotten till I saw that pic of you pregnant. Guess it's easy to forget even after just a few weeks. love all the cute pictures of the little guy, especially the one of him and tim sleeping. Too bad Zoey doesn't keep those clips in her hair because they look pretty blasted cute. ah well.

  2. Such cute pics. I love Kins in her purple outfit, and that wide-eyed look from Max is adorable.


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