I've got so many pictures I want to post. I think I'll break them up into a couple of posts to avoid total picture overload.  These are from Max's first couple of days.

My mom with Tiny Guy.
Tim giving Kins butterfly kisses.
Tim hiding in the closet from Kins.
I wouldn't describe myself as looking my best, but, It's a cute picture anyway.

Kins pretending like she is trustworthy around Max. She wants to love him, and at times is very tender and sweet. Then she loses all impulse control and is clawing his arm the next minute. Hopefully she can be trusted with him a little bit more soon.
"Baby hat!" she proudly proclaimed as she managed to stretch is all the way over her head.
Kins and Papa.


  1. Awesome pictures ! You are looking so cute in all this above pictures.
    I am feeling great pleasure to seeing this all picture. Your family is very good. Thanks or all it.

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  2. Those were special moments. I'm glad we have all the pics for the memories.


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