Our baby Max was born Friday morning. Seven pounds, eight ounces and posterior. Fast labor and birth, and can't complain one bit, but it didn't go quite as planned. More on that later.

I've already learned a lot about this little boy. He's mellow most of the time as long as his needs are met. He starts making crazy loud snoring noises that make you think he's congested when one of those needs isn't met. As soon as he's happy, his breathing is clear and quiet again. He is very sweet and snuggly, I've been loving cuddling him. This boy needs to learn that bedtime is sooner than 3 hours before Kins wakes up, and hopefully before my parents go home. Other than that, he is as easy as could be.

A little cuddle time in bed with daddy.
 On the way home from the hospital, after only staying for 12 hours, which was awesome.
 Squishy face.
 Tiny hand.
 Trying to keep him awake before bedtime so he won't wake up from 11-3 am. We had success last night, fingers crossed that will continue.
 Such a handsome man.

 Zoey having fun. She hasn't acted jealous yet, but, the grandparents are still here to shower her with attention 24/7.
 Lots of daddy time lately.


  1. Love! Keep posting pics max is a cutie already! Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Congratulations he is beautiful so happy all went well

  3. such cute pictures. max sure is a handsome little guy. he looks so sweet especially in that picture where tim's holding him in the hospital.

  4. He is very handsome! Enjoy that snugly time.

  5. Yay! Congratulations! I'm so glad you and he are healthy! Post more pics when you're feeling up to it.


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