Easter Weekend

My parents would have missed hanging with us Easter weekend had I not come down with persistent mastitis. So, there's the silver lining to having fever every day for almost a week.

Kins got really into coloring eggs. We were too busy to do an egg hunt too, but the egg coloring was a hit at least.

Here she is dancing with Papa. He would dance with her every morning after he worked out, she got into the swing of things and would look forward to dancing with him when he came upstairs after using the elliptical.
Putting stickers on her eggs.
Oh, so careful putting the egg into the glass. Not at all like a few days later when she kept smashing the eggs forcefully against the edge of the coffee table, mimicking me breaking eggs when baking.
Tim and I's eggs.
My dad posed Kins this way.
Kins learned to go down the slide by herself without being afraid. She loves slides now.

Kin's decorated this egg all by herself. There's another eye up there on the right on the side of the egg.


  1. what a fun Easter....sometimes things work out for the best...

  2. Man, you and tim are a couple of show offs with your professional-looking eggs. Zoey keeps it much more real and I have to say, I'm much more comfortable with the look of her egg. I don't get the sense that it's trying to say that it's better than me unlike some eggs out there...oh and that picture of zoey dancing with steve is the best. Bears especially loves it because it makes a peek-a-boo window for max and it's apparently great fun to peep at him and proudly proclaim "max!" over and over again.

  3. She was awfully cute with her egg coloring. I'm glad we got to be there, although wish the reason wasn't your need for doctor visits and shots.


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