Catching up

Max will be three weeks old on Friday. It's been a more eventful time than I had planned. I got an infection of some sort, mastitis they tell me, although there was no obvious red area and no area that was more sore than the rest so I'm still not sure. The antibiotics I was put on at first weren't doing anything and by the 48 hour mark when they're supposed to be bringing fever down, my fever was higher than ever. It was bedtime, naturally, when I began shivering violently and was unable to get warm. My temp was 101, and then 102.5 or so an hour later. My dad recommended a trip to the ER to get blood cultures and a cbc to rule out anything too serious. I had to drag Tooter over to my house to watch Kins and Max so we could go. The second time in two weeks she came over at night to bail us out, she didn't mind a bit though, being an awesome friend. Off to the ER where I was catheterized, had an IV, had blood drawn, and a few other fun things. Everything but mastitis was ruled out, so I was given some IV antibiotics and switched to a new oral antibiotic. Well, it didn't work. I still had fever 48 hours later. Finally, I had to go to the doctor's for an antibiotic injection, and I had to go get it every day for 3 days. That worked and my fever went away. Then I still had to finish off a course of the new oral antibiotics, which I'm done with now. It appears that I'm cured. Although, my boobs are still making way too much milk, so I hope I can stay cured. Pumping is pretty much how you avoid mastitis, and it's a challenge to pump often enough with a newborn and toddler. Not as much of a challenge as daily doctor appointments and trips to the ER though!

Meanwhile, Kins had had back to back colds. This second one being pretty bad. She has felt miserable with a very runny nose and cough. So far I haven't gotten it, and I sure hope I'm immune, which would mean Max will be too. She has also been feeling the missing attention. She gets rough with Max and can't be trusted not to grip his arm, face, ect in her hand forcefully and pull on them. She's also been throwing a lot of screaming fits and waking up before 6 am often. It doesn't make for a long window to sleep for Tim and I. It's been emotionally challenging to see Kins struggle to adapt, be sleep deprived, and make the transition to two myself. Tim wasn't able to take any days off work, but, he has been a life saver for watching Kins and Max for me in the mornings until 9 or so each day.

Max is a sweetheart. He's got such a mellow personality. My biggest challenge with him is overnight. During the day he's a total piece of cake to take care of. Overnight, he wakes up every two hours to eat, and it can take easily one hour to feed him and get him back to sleep, which leaves me with a lot of one hour naps at night. Sometimes I get two hours at a time, and that's a lot easier. He is in a mini crib next to our bed, because he is a wiggly guy and can roll over and squirm his way to the very edge of the bassinet, where the then thinks he should be able to find a nipple, and becomes very frustrated. Not to mention, I didn't feel like it was safe for him to have his face smashed up against the bassinet side like that anyway. The mini crib gives him a lot more space. Overall, I think Max is really easy, but we have some progress to make on our overnight routine.

I'm already head over heels for the little guy, but the transition to two is tough. It's guilt ridden. I feel guilty for making Kins share me, and then I feel guilty for not having the time to give Max the undivided attention I gave to Kins up until he was born. I hear these are normal feelings, and pretty much ever mom has them when #2 rolls around, but I am still trying to find the balance.


  1. I had that happen with my both my babies...very miserable...not that high of a fever though...hope all is smooth sailing soon...

  2. 3 weeks old already! We have to get back over there to see him soon.

  3. He really is such a sweet little goober. It is definitely some fun times when we can hang out over there in the mornings, especially after you've caught up on sleep and can hang out too...partially because that's when I get to hold the li'l guy instead of just doing my best to keep him at a safe distance from a couple of very exuberant toddlers. Nothing beats that new baby smell and how cuddly soft he is. oh, and while you made me sound pretty awesome for coming over at night, you neglected to mention that I was basically just sleeping over there both times. definitely no big deal.


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