Apr 30, 2012

Tiny Guy is One Month Old

He stays awake a lot more than he used to at a time. I still have a hard time getting him awake before afternoon though, he's always very sleepy all morning. He has pretty decent head control, and has really since he was a newborn.

 I think he might be smiling, in the last few days I've seen him smile when he wasn't falling asleep, and it seems like it's in response to Tim or I smiling at him. He always smiles when he is falling asleep, that's very cute. He has an adorable dimple on his right cheek that I see when he smiles big. His poor eye was all watery and goopy for a few days. It looks very sad in this picture, but you can see his little smile.

He isn't the sleeper that Kins was. I was able to sleep 4 hour stretches with her when she was a month, but he is big into eating. This should be a very nice thing when he gets older, maybe getting him to eat won't be the huge hassle that it is with Kins. Right now, it means the longest stretches I get to sleep are 2 or 2.5 hours. I've gotten a couple of 3 hour stretches, and last night I got a full 3.5 hrs, a record. I'm excited for when that becomes more standard... or... *gasp* even longer stretches! I can't tell with a lot of accuracy, since I'm just using my scale at home to weigh myself with and without him, but I think he weighed about 9.6 pounds a week ago, so probably close to 10 now. That explains why he all of a sudden doesn't fit in newborn clothes anymore. I had to put them away this past week and get out the 0-3 month clothes. His little hands and wrists are putting on some adorable chub.
He is a real sweetheart. Getting enough sleep is my biggest challenge with him, otherwise he is as easy as could be to take care of most of the time. He usually wakes up on his own for at least several hours in the afternoon or evening. At first, I would have to work to keep him up some during these hours, but most of the time he's up on his own now. He just hangs out and looks around. He's usually content unless something obvious is wrong, hungry, pooped, needs to burp, ect.

He is playing the tongue game, which Kins also did around this age. It's so cute. When I stick my tongue out at him and he notices his eyes widen and he raises his eyebrows. It's big time exciting. Then he works his hardest to copy me.

Kins is getting a little better with him each day. She is still prone to grabbing him roughly and yanking on him, but she hasn't been trying to scratch him as much anymore. She is sweet more of the time. She enjoys giving him a "nice kiss" or a "nice hug" often. She loves to sit with him in her lap. She loves to discuss what he's up to, "baby sleeping" "baby crying" one time, "baby walking!" said with amazement as he was carried on a walk by Tim.

I'm loving the newborn cuddles as often as I can get them. Taking care of Kins limits my cuddle time, but it's just so sweet when I get it. If I don't have things I need to do, I love spending Kin's nap time snuggling with Max. This month has passed so quickly, I just know he's going to be running around before I have a chance to get in all the cuddle time I want.

Apr 29, 2012


Kins drew her first smiley face the other day. Before that she could draw circles, lines and zig zags, but I hadn't seen her do anything else. She is so careful about drawing her smiley faces, it's adorable.

Apr 27, 2012

Photo shoot

I told Kins I wanted to take a picture of her eyes. She really hammed it up for the camera. I was laughing so hard. I was going to stop sooner, but she requested that I take more pictures of her. Such a goof. P.s. just noticed publishing from my phone made the pics look terrible. Do they look weird to others too?

Apr 26, 2012


Kins chasing Bears around. He was pretty intimidated, which she thought was hilarious. I especially love all her little squealing noises as she chases him around and the way she kept flailing her hands all around on his back when she caught up to him. Ah, the joy one can experience chasing around a bouncy ball.

Apr 24, 2012

Birth Announcement

I finally got Max's birth announcement made. He's going to be 4 weeks old on Friday, so it's about time to get them sent out.

Apr 22, 2012

She loves sitting in the black chair on our bed and watching cartoons. Something I tried to limit before Max, but now with all the nursing and pumping she gets to do this a lot so I can keep my eye on her since I'm stuck in one place.
Hanging with daddy and lil bro.
 This pot of dirt kept her happy as could be for at least an hour.
 Max with grandma.
 We got her some hair clips, but unfortunately, she likes to pull them out and stick them in her mouth more than she likes to wear them. So much for keeping her hair out of her eyes.
 Showing off her athletic skills at the top of the slide.
 Woah! Feeling glad to be holding my little boy in my arms now instead of in my bellah.
The above mentioned little boy.
 Cozy ride on daddy's shoulders. She's got a faraway look in her eye, contemplating the meaning of life, no doubt.
 Daddy and Max, both pretty tuckered out the day after being in labor all night long.
 More athletic skillz.
 We've had some gorgeous days lately. Here is Kins on our porch. I find it quite rare to actually venture past our property line on our "walks" these days.
 Such a tiny bundle.

 Kins likes to hold Max. Nerve wracking for me, because I have to be so careful that she won't claw him. But, good, I guess, for her to be enjoying him.

Apr 21, 2012

Easter Weekend

My parents would have missed hanging with us Easter weekend had I not come down with persistent mastitis. So, there's the silver lining to having fever every day for almost a week.

Kins got really into coloring eggs. We were too busy to do an egg hunt too, but the egg coloring was a hit at least.

Here she is dancing with Papa. He would dance with her every morning after he worked out, she got into the swing of things and would look forward to dancing with him when he came upstairs after using the elliptical.
Putting stickers on her eggs.
Oh, so careful putting the egg into the glass. Not at all like a few days later when she kept smashing the eggs forcefully against the edge of the coffee table, mimicking me breaking eggs when baking.
Tim and I's eggs.
My dad posed Kins this way.
Kins learned to go down the slide by herself without being afraid. She loves slides now.

Kin's decorated this egg all by herself. There's another eye up there on the right on the side of the egg.

Apr 19, 2012


I've got so many pictures I want to post. I think I'll break them up into a couple of posts to avoid total picture overload.  These are from Max's first couple of days.

My mom with Tiny Guy.
Tim giving Kins butterfly kisses.
Tim hiding in the closet from Kins.
I wouldn't describe myself as looking my best, but, It's a cute picture anyway.

Kins pretending like she is trustworthy around Max. She wants to love him, and at times is very tender and sweet. Then she loses all impulse control and is clawing his arm the next minute. Hopefully she can be trusted with him a little bit more soon.
"Baby hat!" she proudly proclaimed as she managed to stretch is all the way over her head.
Kins and Papa.
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