Things Kins Says

She likes to make sure the videos on youtube feel good after they finish. She often says to them, "Good Job!" as they end.

She loves to lead Tim and I around. She takes a hand, pulls, and says, "C'mon, let's go!" Often she is just dying to go outside and sit in one of our cars. Thrilling.

She's become quite the sharer. She likes the attention she gets for sharing I think, and also, she isn't quite sure how to interact with others, but she wants to, and sharing is a way to do that. She's constantly sharing everything. It's funny too how if we're at the library playtime where kids are always snatching toys from her, 9/10 times she thinks she's sharing and will, in a pleased voice talk about how she's sharing.

Watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon in which Bugs climbs into a sandwich and plays dead she said, "Bunny going night night in french toast." I guess you can tell that we have more french toast than sandwiches around here.

Always out to avoid eating, she has learned that if she's in the middle of giving me a "nice hug" or getting a "nice kiss" from me, I can't also be putting food in her face. Also, she knows I'm a sucker for these manipulative tactics. As soon as she's in the high chair, it's, "Nice hug, please! A nice kiss!" Then she proceeds to cuddle up to me in the sweetest way and not let go.

This one isn't so much a says, but it's new anyway. She is getting a real attention span. Not that it's really a good thing, but this morning I discovered this because she woke up a little early, so I turned on Sesame Street for her and thought I'd see if I could catch a few more minutes of sleep. I was more asleep than awake for what felt like maybe half an hour, but when I looked at the clock I noticed it had been a whole hour and she was still totally entertained. I would've probably been deeply asleep the whole time, except she has funny tv habits. She likes to shout out what she sees, and when she gets excited about something she likes to bounce up and down wildly. Very cute, but not incredibly restful.


  1. don't just love how fast they pick things up....

  2. that's really awesome that cartoons seem to work so well for her to help you get some more sleep. I would be a total sucker for her nice hugs at mealtime too. that's about the cutest way to avoid food ever.

  3. She's an interactive Sesame Street watcher. That's good!
    She's a sweet little sharer.


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