Things Kins Says

Watching Sadie and Howard doing nothing too interesting she started saying, "Sadie! No hitting! Hey! Be soft with Howard." Hitting hasn't been a big problem with the dogs, usually she tells them no barking, and be quiet. She felt like switching things up I guess.

After she got up from her nap when Brama and Papa were visiting she spotted a piece of uneaten cheese left over from lunch. She asked for the cheese, but up on receiving it she noted it was, "Yucky, gross. Old cheese." And she wanted nothing more to do with that cheese.

We went to Wheeler Farm the other day. She and Bears were standing next to the fence looking at some horses. One of them snorted loudly. Bears backed up in alarm, saying, "fright!" Kins extended her hand, poking it through the fence, and said, "Horse eat it the hand?" I clearly have some work to do instilling the proper fear of strange animals into her.

I like how if I fart and Tim and I are in the same room, Kins always says, "Dada farted." I'm too dainty, maybe?

Taking a neighborhood walk today (in nearly 60 degree weather!!), she became obsessed with every parked car we passed. Which wasn't many at our pace and with the amount of time each car needed to be inspected. Her first stop was a dented old gray car. She stared at it in awe. She inspected it from every angle she could, without stepping off the curb into the street. (On a side note, for the first time, she's understanding she needs to stay out of the street on the one side, and out of people's yards on the other, and she's really been good about following the rules.) She wanted desperately to run her hands over the ripples of the car's dented exterior, but alas, mama kept telling her she shouldn't touch it, since it wasn't hers. She tried her best, but occasionally, just one finger would lightly stroke a door handle, or wheel. She begged me, "Zoey gets in the gray car!" She was very sad that she wasn't permitted. We repeated this process with several other cars. Then, I suggested that we go home and she could actually get in daddy's black car. She was excited about that, and we then spent quite awhile sitting in his car.


  1. lol her discipline tactics with sadie and howard sound pretty hilarious. that's interesting that she's gotten obsessed with cars just recently. Sounds exactly like how bears has been for the last couple of weeks. if he has his way, he'll spend at least an hour every day poking around the van, or as he calls it, "driving." and he's starting to get so sad that he can't drive other random cars that he sees. Sounds just like Zoes.

  2. She's a funny girl. She's going to whip those doggies into line, even if they're not doing anything.
    I'm surprised she's so into looking at cars. I could see her wanting to get in and try to steer, but it's funny that she's so fascinated by the exteriors.


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