At the aquarium.
Exploring the black car. A favorite past time.
Walking along the bleachers. She did this quite a few times, it was more fun than you would imagine.
She insisted on wearing her black boots this day. It was actually appropriate though, because it had snowed a little bit.
Building a window with blocks.
Relaxing in bed, reading a book.
She's getting more into coloring, she did just about all of this all on her own. Very thorough I thought.
Her and Bears watching the dogs together.
Holding hands at Wheeler Farm.
She likes to color on her face with marker. "Color on cheek!" she will gleefully exclaim while scribbling all over herself.
She wanted me to open my mouth for some reason.
Her new red car. We thought since she loves sitting in real cars so much, she might love a play car. It's been a pretty big hit, but she still likes the real cars more I think.
Playing on a snowy day.
At library storytime with Tooter and Bears. She was enjoying sitting in Tooter's lap while playing with Bear's hair.
Peeking around a wheel at Wheeler Farm.


  1. Kins seems to enjoy almost anything new, and it takes awhile for a new thing to get old. Love the pic of her holding hands with Bears.

  2. aww such cute pictures, all of them. I especially love the first one since at first glance, it appears that she's swimming underwater and peeping at you from her own little cavern.

  3. She looks like she is having fun all the time.


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