39 Weeks

I'm 6 days from my due date, and feeling good. A week ago, I would've said I was pretty uncomfortable. But, after having a lump on your throat fill up to 200% capacity with fluid randomly, causing extreme pain radiating up to your chin and all the way around the back of your head, well, full term pregnancy feels awfully cozy by comparison. The lump has since gotten less full, and the pain is gone. I feel like a new woman. I've had this thing, or at least known about it, for a few months now. The best guess is it's a thyroglossal duct cyst, which means I was born with it, and something, probably all those crazy pregnancy hormones, made it show up finally. I will need to have it removed after I have the baby to prevent infection and incidents like the one I just went through.

I weigh 137, which is just 1 pound shy of my peak weight with Kins. I think it's interesting how, without making any special effort, I will probably be the exact same peak weight this time. My waist is 39". I'm not just big from the side, but also am bowing out when you look at me from the front too. I've been having a lot of crampy feelings the past week or two, but more lately. It feels a lot like period cramping. It's not going along with braxton hicks usually, so it isn't contractions. My midwife tells me this type of cramping means the cervix is being stimulated, which may or may not mean it's actually dilating/effacing. Pretty vague, just like any other guess about when labor might happen. I've decided not to do any cerivcal checks this time around. That way, I skip out on the discomfort, as well as the possible introduction of bacteria, since whatever the findings are don't mean anything for sure anyway.

I'm anxious to meet my little boy, and excited by the prospect of being able to get out on lots of walks. But, as I learned this past week, I'm really pretty comfortable.


  1. counting down....take care of yourself...your bundle of joy will be here soon...

  2. So glad you're feeling more normal. Can't wait to meet little Max.

  3. Nothing like an excruciatingly painful cyst to give you a little perspective on comfort levels I guess. so exciting that it's just about time now to meet the little guy.


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