Mar 28, 2012

39 Weeks

I'm 6 days from my due date, and feeling good. A week ago, I would've said I was pretty uncomfortable. But, after having a lump on your throat fill up to 200% capacity with fluid randomly, causing extreme pain radiating up to your chin and all the way around the back of your head, well, full term pregnancy feels awfully cozy by comparison. The lump has since gotten less full, and the pain is gone. I feel like a new woman. I've had this thing, or at least known about it, for a few months now. The best guess is it's a thyroglossal duct cyst, which means I was born with it, and something, probably all those crazy pregnancy hormones, made it show up finally. I will need to have it removed after I have the baby to prevent infection and incidents like the one I just went through.

I weigh 137, which is just 1 pound shy of my peak weight with Kins. I think it's interesting how, without making any special effort, I will probably be the exact same peak weight this time. My waist is 39". I'm not just big from the side, but also am bowing out when you look at me from the front too. I've been having a lot of crampy feelings the past week or two, but more lately. It feels a lot like period cramping. It's not going along with braxton hicks usually, so it isn't contractions. My midwife tells me this type of cramping means the cervix is being stimulated, which may or may not mean it's actually dilating/effacing. Pretty vague, just like any other guess about when labor might happen. I've decided not to do any cerivcal checks this time around. That way, I skip out on the discomfort, as well as the possible introduction of bacteria, since whatever the findings are don't mean anything for sure anyway.

I'm anxious to meet my little boy, and excited by the prospect of being able to get out on lots of walks. But, as I learned this past week, I'm really pretty comfortable.

Mar 21, 2012


At the aquarium.
Exploring the black car. A favorite past time.
Walking along the bleachers. She did this quite a few times, it was more fun than you would imagine.
She insisted on wearing her black boots this day. It was actually appropriate though, because it had snowed a little bit.
Building a window with blocks.
Relaxing in bed, reading a book.
She's getting more into coloring, she did just about all of this all on her own. Very thorough I thought.
Her and Bears watching the dogs together.
Holding hands at Wheeler Farm.
She likes to color on her face with marker. "Color on cheek!" she will gleefully exclaim while scribbling all over herself.
She wanted me to open my mouth for some reason.
Her new red car. We thought since she loves sitting in real cars so much, she might love a play car. It's been a pretty big hit, but she still likes the real cars more I think.
Playing on a snowy day.
At library storytime with Tooter and Bears. She was enjoying sitting in Tooter's lap while playing with Bear's hair.
Peeking around a wheel at Wheeler Farm.

Mar 19, 2012

Things Kins Says

She likes to make sure the videos on youtube feel good after they finish. She often says to them, "Good Job!" as they end.

She loves to lead Tim and I around. She takes a hand, pulls, and says, "C'mon, let's go!" Often she is just dying to go outside and sit in one of our cars. Thrilling.

She's become quite the sharer. She likes the attention she gets for sharing I think, and also, she isn't quite sure how to interact with others, but she wants to, and sharing is a way to do that. She's constantly sharing everything. It's funny too how if we're at the library playtime where kids are always snatching toys from her, 9/10 times she thinks she's sharing and will, in a pleased voice talk about how she's sharing.

Watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon in which Bugs climbs into a sandwich and plays dead she said, "Bunny going night night in french toast." I guess you can tell that we have more french toast than sandwiches around here.

Always out to avoid eating, she has learned that if she's in the middle of giving me a "nice hug" or getting a "nice kiss" from me, I can't also be putting food in her face. Also, she knows I'm a sucker for these manipulative tactics. As soon as she's in the high chair, it's, "Nice hug, please! A nice kiss!" Then she proceeds to cuddle up to me in the sweetest way and not let go.

This one isn't so much a says, but it's new anyway. She is getting a real attention span. Not that it's really a good thing, but this morning I discovered this because she woke up a little early, so I turned on Sesame Street for her and thought I'd see if I could catch a few more minutes of sleep. I was more asleep than awake for what felt like maybe half an hour, but when I looked at the clock I noticed it had been a whole hour and she was still totally entertained. I would've probably been deeply asleep the whole time, except she has funny tv habits. She likes to shout out what she sees, and when she gets excited about something she likes to bounce up and down wildly. Very cute, but not incredibly restful.

Mar 14, 2012

Running Fever

I think I should preface this by saying that it got out of control. I have way too many songs in here, I would never have the patience to listen to more than a couple on someone else's blog. But, I can't be blamed, I've got running fever. It's just good I was able to stop where I did, because there are so many other songs that are on my playlist. I'm so excited that I don't have too much longer to wait before my body will (hopefully) be capable of going on some runs. Each time I see someone jogging their heart out down the sidewalk, I feel that surge of adrenaline like it's me and get even more excited. Each time I hear one of my favorite running songs it's the same story. Throughout pregnancy I've added a few songs to my running  playlist, it is going to be some seriously good times. I'd been toying with the idea of posting all my running favorites, but after reading avian explorers blog recently, I got motivated. She posted about gym people and how strange some of them are, and mentioned her closet love for rap music for working out. So, here are my favorite picks. I'll start with the non-rap.

Most of NIN Pretty Hate Machine is excellent work out music.

Now it's time to come out of the closet and reveal the rap music that I'm actually listening to most of the time when I'm running.

There are quite a few Eminem songs that make the playlist.

Also, 6 in the morning and 40 oz (actually by D12) and Business and a few more but I'm too lazy to see which exactly.

Mar 13, 2012

37 Weeks

I am now full term, a point in pregnancy I'm always glad to reach. I have recently been getting lots of comments about how big I am, how it must be twins, and so on. I didn't get those with Kins, or at least I don't remember it if I did. So, I was convinced that I really was bigger, that is, until I conducted a study. It would be easier if I'd just recorded my measurements last pregnancy, but I didn't. For my study, I dressed in the same clothes and posed exactly the same for this week's pic as I did for the 37 week picture last pregnancy. I pulled up the pics side by side in photoshop, and outlined my pregnancy #1 pic belly with green dots. Then I copied the layer with green dots, and resized it (without skewing it) around my current 37 week pic. Pregnancy with Kins on the left, current 37 week pic on the right. My belly is amazingly identical in size to last pregnancy.

My belly is now 38 inches around. And slightly less exciting to record, my hips are 36.5. I'm weighing in at around 134 (morning weight, more like 137 afternoon weight). I'm recording my weight this time on the blog, because I didn't last time, and I've been curious this whole time how close I am to last time.  I'm starting to grow sideways, from straight on my belly bows out now, my little boy is getting big. I can tell he doesn't have much room now, because his bottom is often crushed into my ribs. My gripes: not being able to do much of anything without getting sore, including picking up scattered toys or walking over half a mile, not being able to hold Kins in my lap or play on the floor with her like normal, aches at night waking me up often, no bladder capacity, t-rex arms, always stuffy nose, and being tired most of the time.

Way more than outweighing all of my gripes, the excitement. I'm going to meet him soon! I wonder if any of my genes will come through this time, or if he's going to be a mini-Tim like Kins. Luckily, those are some darn cute genes. I can't wait to see what he's like. It's going to be fun, if challenging, to see him and Kins get to know each other and bond. I'm also excited to see how labor and birth go this time. Active labor is supposed to only be about half as long the second time around, and the pushing part is usually just minutes. With Kins, if my water hadn't broken first, I wouldn't have known I was really in labor until maybe 7 hours before it was time to push, and I pushed for about 1.5 hours. So, it's not unlikely that this labor will be only a 3 or 4 hours with a few minutes of pushing. It could be tight for my parents to be able to make the 2.5 hour drive in time. I would be pretty excited to have such a fast labor, although, I don't want to accidentally have this baby in the car either. It's a fine line.

Little boy's room was previously the junk room, but I've finally managed to get it totally cleared out and everything in it organized and stowed away in plastic bins. I don't know if it was just that I got in the mode, or if it was the nesting instinct, but the rest of the upstairs got organized too. I also got all of his clothes up to 6 months washed and put away, and got his bassinets, bouncer chair, and a few other things he will use down from the attic and set up. Just got to pack up a bag for the hospital, and I will be all set.

Mar 5, 2012

Things Kins Says

Watching Sadie and Howard doing nothing too interesting she started saying, "Sadie! No hitting! Hey! Be soft with Howard." Hitting hasn't been a big problem with the dogs, usually she tells them no barking, and be quiet. She felt like switching things up I guess.

After she got up from her nap when Brama and Papa were visiting she spotted a piece of uneaten cheese left over from lunch. She asked for the cheese, but up on receiving it she noted it was, "Yucky, gross. Old cheese." And she wanted nothing more to do with that cheese.

We went to Wheeler Farm the other day. She and Bears were standing next to the fence looking at some horses. One of them snorted loudly. Bears backed up in alarm, saying, "fright!" Kins extended her hand, poking it through the fence, and said, "Horse eat it the hand?" I clearly have some work to do instilling the proper fear of strange animals into her.

I like how if I fart and Tim and I are in the same room, Kins always says, "Dada farted." I'm too dainty, maybe?

Taking a neighborhood walk today (in nearly 60 degree weather!!), she became obsessed with every parked car we passed. Which wasn't many at our pace and with the amount of time each car needed to be inspected. Her first stop was a dented old gray car. She stared at it in awe. She inspected it from every angle she could, without stepping off the curb into the street. (On a side note, for the first time, she's understanding she needs to stay out of the street on the one side, and out of people's yards on the other, and she's really been good about following the rules.) She wanted desperately to run her hands over the ripples of the car's dented exterior, but alas, mama kept telling her she shouldn't touch it, since it wasn't hers. She tried her best, but occasionally, just one finger would lightly stroke a door handle, or wheel. She begged me, "Zoey gets in the gray car!" She was very sad that she wasn't permitted. We repeated this process with several other cars. Then, I suggested that we go home and she could actually get in daddy's black car. She was excited about that, and we then spent quite awhile sitting in his car.
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