Things Kins Says

She calls fingers "gringers". The word comes up a lot, as she's always pinching them in something and then in a whiny tone holding them out for a kiss, saying, "greeeeeennnnngers!"

Big shit is a commonly used term. She actually means to say fix it, but it sounds clearly like big shit. She says it more now than ever, because Tim can't control himself when she says it and laughs hysterically. 
She's learning to say please. She's obsessed with scooping dog food, and will sit and scoop for over half an hour happily. I'll sit next to her on the stairs and when I stand up, she knows I'm planning to take her upstairs. So, when I stand, she desperately starts grabbing my leg and patting the stair, going, "please! Chair please mama!"

The library is the "why-baby". She's really pretty good at pronouncing most things correctly, this one I think she probably could say. She just feels like, well, why and baby are both perfectly good words she hears all the time, that's probably what mama is trying, but failing, to say when she describes the place with books.


  1. Ooh, she looks like you in that photo! Usually I can only see your husband in Kins' expressions.

  2. lol....little britches is facinated by the bood feeder...bird feeder...we are working on please and thank you...
    now he asks for the ball from the dogs...please...please...please..he gets quite upset when they don't listen...

  3. I love the Kins-isms. Going to the why-baby sounds perfect to me.

  4. Ha, yeah, I don't ever see myself in her yet. Maybe a little like you say in this pic, maybe she'll have my smile?

    Poor little britches, why don't those dogs listen to him?

    It's really fun to hear what she comes up with now that she can talk. :)

  5. ahh yes I can totally see you in this picture of her. definitely the expression.


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