Pictures of Kins

Hanging out at the aquarium, we go at least weekly.
She feels very cool when she wears shades. She can usually put them on herself now.
She loves to wear adult shoes. She'll pull them out of the closet and put them on, but then she needs help walking around in them.
She often requests wearing mama's jacket. She thinks the long arms are funny and likes to crouch down and drag them around on the floor while laughing.
Another picture from the aquarium. Peeking up into the otter display.


  1. She looks like a movie star in her rhinestone sunglasses.

  2. All top quality pictures. Locke is admiring her bravery in that otter picture as she doesn't look in the least bit terrified of the giant croaking bullfrog that's a mere 20 feet away from her. She has a constitution of steel. Is that the phrase? I'm always so terrible at those. I fear that perhaps I inadvertently commented on her healthy bowel movements instead of her character. also true, but a bit besides the point.


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