Phone Pictures

Kins loves stickers. She never seems to tire of decorating with them.
She likes things put over her head and thinks it's funny when she runs into stuff because she can't see.
Sleepy kins laying on my leg after her nap.
Then she realized she could have the blanket put over her head and perked up.
She thought it was funny to have her hands peek out at her from under the blanket.
Serious modeling.


  1. Tim looks stylin' with his sticker decorations.
    A blanket has a lot of possibilites for an imaginative girl.

  2. It's so cute how cuddly she gets after naps. Bears, too, sees the hilarity in putting a blanket over his head and bumping into everything. I'm sure they'd love it if we gave them both a couple of blankets next time they're together and let them go crazy. It may not be the wisest idea, though. I can see it leading to multiple head injuries with how excited they seem to get.


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