High Chair and Walmart Adventure

Kins hasn't had a real high chair before, just a space saver high chair that clips onto a regular chair. Its tray fell off months ago, so Tim screwed it back on. Recently, the screw was stripped out and there wasn't another good place to screw it in. Here's Kins trying to fix it.

I saw that Walmart had one that was only 30 dollars, cheaper than almost all used high chairs. We went to check it out. It seemed just fine. Kins thought it was much more than just fine. I was checking out the display, and when I turned back around she'd weaseled her way out of the seatbelt and was standing in the cart in a very unsafe manner, desperately pleading with me to get in the high chair. We headed to the checkout stand. Which was a total disaster, as usual at wal mart. I grabbed a Lady and the Tramp book to read to her during the wait and she was engrossed. Strangely, so was the  man behind us in line. He positioned his head right over my shoulder, he was about 6 inches away from me, seemingly eating up my narration of Lady and the Tramp. I felt uncomfortable, but pretended I didn't notice, and kept reading. A few minutes later he exclaimed in excitement, "Hey! I have one of those too!" holding up his rotisserie chicken that was indeed just like the one in my cart. I glanced over, to see a 40 year old man who appeared obviously stoned to me. I made an appropriate response. He then mentioned how he'd been listening to me reading a story to my daughter... I was thinking, yeah, you were 6 inches away, it would have been tough for that to have escaped my attention. I then kept reading to both my child and this stoned man. A minute later he muttered, "you've got to be f*$%ing kidding me." I looked around, curious what outrageous indignity was happening. Had someone cut in line? Was someone with a notebook and a bag full of coupons demanding that each item be price matched? Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary to be seen, to my untrained eye anyway. The man then stalked up to the grocery belt, set his chicken indignantly in the midst of another customer's stuff, changed his mind, whipped it back up, and purposefully strode right out of the store. He deposited his chicken somewhere along the way I guess, as I didn't notice him being stopped. It was all pretty entertaining.

Back at home, Kin's pleaded with me, "Open it! Open it the box!" She was extremely excited and insistent and beamed with pleasure as I complied with her wishes. Once I had the high chair pulled out she wanted to get in right away, but she saw there were some pieces in the box to be put on the high chair. She tried her best to fit them on, and actually was attempting to put them in the right places. I screwed each one on, with her handing me the next. Finally, the moment had arrived, I was able to put her in the high chair. She then could not be convinced to get out for about 2 hours.


  1. lol zoey. that man at walmart sounds a bit terrifying but I was lolling all the same reading about him. sure is tough to beat those walmart prices...it def looks like it cost more that $30. I can almost see why she's so in love with it.

  2. Hey, I want to hear you read Lady and the Tramp. I'm jealous of the stoned man!
    Nice high chair. Zoey looks very pleased with your purchase.

  3. I have that same high chair for little britches...he loves his too...

  4. I'm kind of wishing a new high chair could make me that happy!


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