35 Weeks

My nose is always feeling congested and like I have a cold these days. Rhinitis of pregnancy it's called, one of my least favorite symptoms. I'm so happy nasal spray exists that clears me up at night. I have it diluted like crazy, and it still works even a month or so into using it every night. I'm usually pretty achy by bedtime and ready to lay down. It's tough trying to pick Kins up all the time, and it's kind of sad not having a lap for her to sit on. It's happened so gradually that she hasn't noticed though. She perches on the 3 inches or so available like it's normal. When Bears sits in my lap he is so confused. He's always trying to scooch back, and looking behind him to see what the problem is. It's pretty funny.

I've been getting lots of braxton hicks contractions, one day while I was working out I was getting them every 2 minutes and they kept up for the rest of the evening. Accompanying them was sharp stabbing pain in my cervix area. I was starting to wonder if I was going to go into labor. I think it was probably more from the baby settling in down on my cervix though, which would mean he's got his head down. I remember with Kins I had a quite a few nights of period type cramps in the couple of weeks leading up to labor, so I imagine I'll get some of that before the real thing starts this time too.

I now weigh 133 (morning weight), for a 25-28 pound weight gain so far depending on what I count as my starting weight. It's somewhere in that range anyway. I think I got up to 138 with Kins, but I also remember not gaining much if any in the last month with her. It would be convenient if I gained a few pounds less this time, because then I will have less to lose after. I certainly haven't been doing a good job eating healthy, but I have been working out on the elliptical nearly every day. I keep a supply of chocolate chip cookies baked and eat a few every day, but I've learned to freeze them. It's helpful, because then instead of having a bite here and there all day, I have to go to the effort of microwaving them before eating them now. Much healthier for me and the baby too for me to not be eating more than 3 every day.


  1. man, it's crazy to think that in just a week and a half he could be all ready to go. I remember you saying that you didn't gain any weight in the last month last time too. that sure would be convenient if you had 5 lb less to lose than last time, although it didn't seem to tough for you to lose it all last time. seems like it was all gone within 6 months or so.

  2. You and Max look ready to go at any time. It's getting close.

  3. I can't believe how big you are! I wanna rub your belly!


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