Feb 29, 2012

I'm having a baby

Like, soon! I'm thinking it's about time to pack my hospital bag, and I've worked up my birth plan. Most of it is kind of pointless, because I'll be able to say what I do and don't want most of the time, and because my midwife knows exactly what I want already, and proved that she is wonderful about making sure I get it all if she can when I had Kins. But, I figure it can't hurt. It's mostly the same as it was with Kins:

We understand that we may need to change our plans if the medical need arises, but these are the things that we want to happen if possible:

During labor
  • I would like no internal vaginal exams, within reason, during my labor
  • I would like to remain mobile and upright during labor with only intermittent monitoring
  • I would rather tear than have an episiotomy. If it's necessary for the health of my baby, I would like a mediolateral episiotomy.
  • I plan on skipping any pain medication or drugs such as pitocin
After the baby is born
  • Please delay cord clamping for 1-2 minutes
  • Tim cut the umblical cord if he wants
  • I would like my baby placed immediately skin-to-skin on my chest with a warm blanket over him.
  • We would prefer that the infant assessment, vitamin K, and eye ointment (Erythromycin?) be performed/administered after an hour or two of bonding/nursing time.
  • Have our baby in the room with us at all times, and if that's not possible, Tim or I will go with him to the nursery.
  • We would not like any vaccines yet
  • We hope to exclusively breast feed, so we won't need bottles
Thank you in advance for helping us to have the best birth experience possible. 

Feb 28, 2012

35 Weeks

My nose is always feeling congested and like I have a cold these days. Rhinitis of pregnancy it's called, one of my least favorite symptoms. I'm so happy nasal spray exists that clears me up at night. I have it diluted like crazy, and it still works even a month or so into using it every night. I'm usually pretty achy by bedtime and ready to lay down. It's tough trying to pick Kins up all the time, and it's kind of sad not having a lap for her to sit on. It's happened so gradually that she hasn't noticed though. She perches on the 3 inches or so available like it's normal. When Bears sits in my lap he is so confused. He's always trying to scooch back, and looking behind him to see what the problem is. It's pretty funny.

I've been getting lots of braxton hicks contractions, one day while I was working out I was getting them every 2 minutes and they kept up for the rest of the evening. Accompanying them was sharp stabbing pain in my cervix area. I was starting to wonder if I was going to go into labor. I think it was probably more from the baby settling in down on my cervix though, which would mean he's got his head down. I remember with Kins I had a quite a few nights of period type cramps in the couple of weeks leading up to labor, so I imagine I'll get some of that before the real thing starts this time too.

I now weigh 133 (morning weight), for a 25-28 pound weight gain so far depending on what I count as my starting weight. It's somewhere in that range anyway. I think I got up to 138 with Kins, but I also remember not gaining much if any in the last month with her. It would be convenient if I gained a few pounds less this time, because then I will have less to lose after. I certainly haven't been doing a good job eating healthy, but I have been working out on the elliptical nearly every day. I keep a supply of chocolate chip cookies baked and eat a few every day, but I've learned to freeze them. It's helpful, because then instead of having a bite here and there all day, I have to go to the effort of microwaving them before eating them now. Much healthier for me and the baby too for me to not be eating more than 3 every day.

Feb 27, 2012

Baby Boy Moving

I wasn't ever able to get a video of this much movement when Kins was in my belly. Max means business when he gets moving. You can also see my stretch marks in this video. Tim showed me a picture someone posted on fb awhile ago, with this quote:

A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn. One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes, and slept in the most perfect darkness. One for every time you had the hiccups. One for every dream you dreamed within me. It isn't very pretty anymore. Some may even think it's ugly. That's OK. It was your home. It held you until my arms could, and for that, I will always find something beautiful in it.
~ Cassie Fox

I think it's pretty cute, and says how I feel better than I can. Since I'm partial to tigers, I also like the quote about how stretch marks make you a tiger who earned her stripes. =) And I'll end on a quote by Tim after I told him I was lucky I had a husband who honestly didn't care about me having stretch marks. He said he didn't even notice them, and I was skeptical, so he elaborated, "Nope. My eyes don't make it past your boobs." Not true when I'm done nursing and they're back to their regular size, but, I got a good laugh anyway.

Feb 21, 2012


She loves when I build a window with blocks. Peeking through the window and then knocking the blocks down is really exciting.

Scooping dog food, just about the most fun activity possible.

She was really getting into toddler time at the library this day.

Feb 20, 2012


At my midwife's. We got the toy room.
 Kins loves wearing our jackets.
 I've gotten into the habit of letting her sit in the black chair as she calls it after she gets up from her nap. It's a bedrest pillow, and she's obsessed with sitting in it while watching cartoons. Tim has been gone most waking hours lately working, so I like the extra time for reading.
 Watching cartoons again.
 She wanted to get in her crib and just chill one day.
 Wearing my jacket, looking very serious about it.
 Not so serious.
 Clinging onto daddy like a little koala bear at bedtime.
 Hanging with daddy in the morning.

Feb 19, 2012

High Chair and Walmart Adventure

Kins hasn't had a real high chair before, just a space saver high chair that clips onto a regular chair. Its tray fell off months ago, so Tim screwed it back on. Recently, the screw was stripped out and there wasn't another good place to screw it in. Here's Kins trying to fix it.

I saw that Walmart had one that was only 30 dollars, cheaper than almost all used high chairs. We went to check it out. It seemed just fine. Kins thought it was much more than just fine. I was checking out the display, and when I turned back around she'd weaseled her way out of the seatbelt and was standing in the cart in a very unsafe manner, desperately pleading with me to get in the high chair. We headed to the checkout stand. Which was a total disaster, as usual at wal mart. I grabbed a Lady and the Tramp book to read to her during the wait and she was engrossed. Strangely, so was the  man behind us in line. He positioned his head right over my shoulder, he was about 6 inches away from me, seemingly eating up my narration of Lady and the Tramp. I felt uncomfortable, but pretended I didn't notice, and kept reading. A few minutes later he exclaimed in excitement, "Hey! I have one of those too!" holding up his rotisserie chicken that was indeed just like the one in my cart. I glanced over, to see a 40 year old man who appeared obviously stoned to me. I made an appropriate response. He then mentioned how he'd been listening to me reading a story to my daughter... I was thinking, yeah, you were 6 inches away, it would have been tough for that to have escaped my attention. I then kept reading to both my child and this stoned man. A minute later he muttered, "you've got to be f*$%ing kidding me." I looked around, curious what outrageous indignity was happening. Had someone cut in line? Was someone with a notebook and a bag full of coupons demanding that each item be price matched? Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary to be seen, to my untrained eye anyway. The man then stalked up to the grocery belt, set his chicken indignantly in the midst of another customer's stuff, changed his mind, whipped it back up, and purposefully strode right out of the store. He deposited his chicken somewhere along the way I guess, as I didn't notice him being stopped. It was all pretty entertaining.

Back at home, Kin's pleaded with me, "Open it! Open it the box!" She was extremely excited and insistent and beamed with pleasure as I complied with her wishes. Once I had the high chair pulled out she wanted to get in right away, but she saw there were some pieces in the box to be put on the high chair. She tried her best to fit them on, and actually was attempting to put them in the right places. I screwed each one on, with her handing me the next. Finally, the moment had arrived, I was able to put her in the high chair. She then could not be convinced to get out for about 2 hours.

Feb 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kins is really enjoying this holiday because it involves candy hearts. She loves heart shaped things, and she has discovered that candy tastes good. The combo is just dynamite. There will be lots of love in our house today, but probably not a lot of romance. Tim is working most waking hours lately on several stores going into a new mall downtown. Luckily, I'm not nearly as into celebrating certain days in the year as I am into having a husband who really is my best friend. Grand gestures, well, I guess I could handle them. But, making me smile every day, that's what I really want.

Feb 8, 2012

Pictures of Kins

Hanging out at the aquarium, we go at least weekly.
She feels very cool when she wears shades. She can usually put them on herself now.
She loves to wear adult shoes. She'll pull them out of the closet and put them on, but then she needs help walking around in them.
She often requests wearing mama's jacket. She thinks the long arms are funny and likes to crouch down and drag them around on the floor while laughing.
Another picture from the aquarium. Peeking up into the otter display.

Feb 7, 2012

Phone Pictures

Kins loves stickers. She never seems to tire of decorating with them.
She likes things put over her head and thinks it's funny when she runs into stuff because she can't see.
Sleepy kins laying on my leg after her nap.
Then she realized she could have the blanket put over her head and perked up.
She thought it was funny to have her hands peek out at her from under the blanket.
Serious modeling.

Feb 2, 2012

Things Kins Says

She calls fingers "gringers". The word comes up a lot, as she's always pinching them in something and then in a whiny tone holding them out for a kiss, saying, "greeeeeennnnngers!"

Big shit is a commonly used term. She actually means to say fix it, but it sounds clearly like big shit. She says it more now than ever, because Tim can't control himself when she says it and laughs hysterically. 
She's learning to say please. She's obsessed with scooping dog food, and will sit and scoop for over half an hour happily. I'll sit next to her on the stairs and when I stand up, she knows I'm planning to take her upstairs. So, when I stand, she desperately starts grabbing my leg and patting the stair, going, "please! Chair please mama!"

The library is the "why-baby". She's really pretty good at pronouncing most things correctly, this one I think she probably could say. She just feels like, well, why and baby are both perfectly good words she hears all the time, that's probably what mama is trying, but failing, to say when she describes the place with books.
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