Things Kins Says

When pretending to talk on the phone, she goes, "Alright, I'll talk to you later, bye" then she puts the phone down.

When someone lays down on the couch, where she gets 90% of her diaper changes, she says, "(Person's Name) diaper change!" It's pretty funny when company is over and she's talking about how they need a diaper change.

She's been scared a few times by cranking up the volume suddenly playing with the radio remote. She now prefers her music to be very soft. If it even approaches medium loud she quickly starts saying, "Turn it down!" She knows how to turn it down herself on the computer if she has the mouse, so she'll turn it down herself if she can.

She is obsessed with the stingrays at the aquarium. More than otters or penguins, she loves those stingrays. Partly, it's because they're in a petting area where she can splash her hands in the water, but she also watches them closely. When one swims near she exclaims, "Here comes the stingray!" And when one swims over another she remarks, "Nice stingray hug!" Sometimes they kiss too.


  1. She's a funny girl. We'll have to see her in action at the aquarium.

  2. She is pretty adorable to watch at the aquarium. $20 for a year at that place turns out to be quite a steal for you guys. I'm still getting used to the fact that she learned to talk in full sentences pretty much overnight.


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