We celebrated Christmas early with Tim's family a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately, Kins deleted every video Tim took of the occasion, and we didn't take pictures. It was a good party, with fun conversation and lots of tasty food. Kins got a tricycle, which she is loving pushing herself around on, her legs have another 3 inches to grow before she'll be able to properly reach the pedals though. She loved playing with her cousins, always a nice bonus for her when we get together with Tim's side of the family.

We visited my parents' house in the country for Christmas, where Kins got to see horses, cows, and chickens. Neither of my brothers made it out to Utah this year for Christmas. It was a little strange not having Eric around especially, since this is the only year he's ever not come that I can remember. To offset not having as much family there, there's nothing like having a Kins around to be so thrilled opening presents and having fun doing everything and anything.
She visited my parents horses. Feeding them carrots was fun.

But she soon started saying, "Yee-Haw!" Meaning, I want to get up and take a ride! She wasn't concerned about the horse's size at all.
She liked petting his soft neck.
Then she gave him a nice hug. 

She hitched a ride on daddy's shoulders too when she got tired of walking around the property.
She got lots of exciting presents. Here she is opening her package of zoo animals. She spotted the zebra in the mix right away and was very ancy to get it out.
Here she is first noticing her teapot. Love at first sight.
She has enjoyed her tea set more than most of her other presents I think.
She made sure to get some chillin' in too. She knows how to have a well rounded weekend.
She probably needed the chillin' after all the laughing she did with brama and papa.
She loves to be tickled, but she prefers to control when it happens. Here she is inviting Mr. Frog to tickle her.
And inviting Brama to tickle her.
Hysterics follow, sometimes before any actual contact with her belly.
Wrestling with papa was quite exhilarating. And also very staticy.
She loved hanging out at a new place, exploring everything, and getting to go out and check out the animals each day. We need to take her to the country more often.


  1. Happy New Year! I love Kins' green snowsuit. She looks like a little dragon.

  2. she is getting so big...what a fun Christmas...I know your parents were in heaven having yall there...

  3. Looks like you had pretty excellent holidays. Wish I could've been there to enjoy with you. Z looks like she is becoming quite sophisticated with that tea set. I hope somebody showed her how to do a good English accent.

  4. Zoey's pretty lucky to have grandparents who live in the country and have horses. That's pretty much a kid's dream come true right there. Looks like some fun times. That tea set looks so amazing. She and Bears will have to have tea parties soon. He's got his own set that he loves but it's not nearly so fancy as hers. I guess it's the price one must pay if they want a very masculine tea party set.

  5. Tim seems to be excited about the tea set as well. I can see the baby count down widget now. :)

  6. Yes, we want the Kins to visit our house in the country a lot more often. Funny how Mischief just continues to eat hay through Zoey's riding and petting and hugging.


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