31 Weeks

My weight is up to 129, for a total of 24 pounds gained, although I'm not actually sure exactly what I weighed when I got pregnant. My waist is 36", so only 1.5" bigger than a month ago. Up until recently I've looked 6 weeks further pregnant than last pregnancy, but now I'm looking more like only a couple weeks more pregnant, if that. I was wondering if Max was just going to be a very big baby, but I think it had more to do with my abs just doing a fantastic job last time keeping it all sucked in until later in pregnancy.

If he isn't going to be big, he's definitely going to be powerful. He is busy and kicking almost all the time. I used to wonder all the time if Kins was okay, because she was so mellow in the belly. Luckily, so far the nearly constant grooving hasn't kept me up at night. It's more like a comfort to me than a distraction, oh good, he's healthy in there, zzzzzz.... He's supposed to be only about 3.5 pound right now, I'll see how I feel when he doubles in size. I'm guessing he'll weigh about 7 pounds. Kins was 6 and 3 oz, and boys are about a pound bigger on average, so, that's my guess.

I still feel good. I don't feel too overcrowded most of the time, which is unexpected, since I sure look like my belly is overcrowded. My stretch marks from Kins are all on full display being fully stretched now, but I haven't gotten any new ones yet. I didn't get them until later with Kins, so there may be more in my future. I get all kinds of weird pains that last for days when I try to so much as walk a couple of miles, but they're not terribly painful, so I like to do it anyway occasionally. I'm glad I can use my elliptical every day no problem. I'm not too uncomfortable, but I definitely daydream about being able to sleep in every position, carry Kins easily, run, ect. Just a couple of months left now!


  1. Max is taking up a lot of room! His internal gymnastics may foretell an active little guy when he comes out to play.

  2. you look adorable....it's fun watching you and Max progress...

  3. it would seem that we weigh the same now. I, too, predict that Max will be very powerful but it's more due to a feeling in my heart rather than the exciting physical evidence you seem to be getting.


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