27 Weeks

We were visiting my parents when my 27th week started. Tim hadn't done any maternity photos yet this pregnancy, so he naturally got involved.

I don't think my belly is getting bigger as fast as it was for awhile there. I measured it a couple of weeks ago and it was 34.5 inches. It's only grown 1/2 inch in the past two weeks. I'm weighing in at 124, which is about an 18 pound weight gain so far. That's about on track for a close to 30 pound total gain. My belly has been feeling like very cramped quarters for over a month now, but it doesn't seem to be much worse if any than a month ago. I just have to be careful how much I eat at a time, and I know that if I fall victim to the temptation to overeat, I'll be burping vomit and feeling like I'm going to explode for at least a couple of hours. Pregnancy is so cool in most ways, but there are a lot of gross things like that that you don't realize happen until you're experiencing them. It halfway counts as a cool thing though, because it's gross enough that I'm usually not tempted to eat too much. Yay?

Max is a squirmy boy, he moves all the time, and seems really strong. We were finally able to hear his heartbeat with the stethoscope this month. I think my placenta must cover a lot of the front of my uterus, because with Kins we could hear it about 6 weeks sooner. My midwife thought he had his head down at my appointment today, but he still has the space to flip all around however he pleases. I still think it's a good sign that he will settle that way though. We still haven't made much progress on picking a name. Max is our favorite so far, despite our initial misgivings about the name.

I tell Kins about how there's a baby in my belly, and she has noticed that my belly is an interesting shape, but I think she's still too little to understand.

I'm trying to take weekly belly pics this pregnancy like with Kins. I've only missed a few weeks, so I think the progression will be neat again.


  1. Tim doesn't look as far along as you do! Pretty exciting stuff, except for the swallowing vomit part....

  2. Tim needs a basketball under his jacket if he wants an impressive belly like yours!

  3. The photos are great and it is SO important to capture as many of those pregger moments...even it it's not fun.
    Congrats to you all...but I was a little sad to see that you and I weigh the same. I only wish I had a baby in there instead of this evenings dinner!!!!
    Pregnancy is fun...but like you said, gross too. :)


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