Jan 31, 2012

31 Weeks

My weight is up to 129, for a total of 24 pounds gained, although I'm not actually sure exactly what I weighed when I got pregnant. My waist is 36", so only 1.5" bigger than a month ago. Up until recently I've looked 6 weeks further pregnant than last pregnancy, but now I'm looking more like only a couple weeks more pregnant, if that. I was wondering if Max was just going to be a very big baby, but I think it had more to do with my abs just doing a fantastic job last time keeping it all sucked in until later in pregnancy.

If he isn't going to be big, he's definitely going to be powerful. He is busy and kicking almost all the time. I used to wonder all the time if Kins was okay, because she was so mellow in the belly. Luckily, so far the nearly constant grooving hasn't kept me up at night. It's more like a comfort to me than a distraction, oh good, he's healthy in there, zzzzzz.... He's supposed to be only about 3.5 pound right now, I'll see how I feel when he doubles in size. I'm guessing he'll weigh about 7 pounds. Kins was 6 and 3 oz, and boys are about a pound bigger on average, so, that's my guess.

I still feel good. I don't feel too overcrowded most of the time, which is unexpected, since I sure look like my belly is overcrowded. My stretch marks from Kins are all on full display being fully stretched now, but I haven't gotten any new ones yet. I didn't get them until later with Kins, so there may be more in my future. I get all kinds of weird pains that last for days when I try to so much as walk a couple of miles, but they're not terribly painful, so I like to do it anyway occasionally. I'm glad I can use my elliptical every day no problem. I'm not too uncomfortable, but I definitely daydream about being able to sleep in every position, carry Kins easily, run, ect. Just a couple of months left now!

Jan 27, 2012

Frog Chase

Jan 24, 2012

Mad Kins!

Jan 22, 2012

Things Kins Says

When pretending to talk on the phone, she goes, "Alright, I'll talk to you later, bye" then she puts the phone down.

When someone lays down on the couch, where she gets 90% of her diaper changes, she says, "(Person's Name) diaper change!" It's pretty funny when company is over and she's talking about how they need a diaper change.

She's been scared a few times by cranking up the volume suddenly playing with the radio remote. She now prefers her music to be very soft. If it even approaches medium loud she quickly starts saying, "Turn it down!" She knows how to turn it down herself on the computer if she has the mouse, so she'll turn it down herself if she can.

She is obsessed with the stingrays at the aquarium. More than otters or penguins, she loves those stingrays. Partly, it's because they're in a petting area where she can splash her hands in the water, but she also watches them closely. When one swims near she exclaims, "Here comes the stingray!" And when one swims over another she remarks, "Nice stingray hug!" Sometimes they kiss too.

Jan 20, 2012


Kin's hair is getting long enough that she has little flips of it behind her ears.

 Perfect for her first pigtails!

She loves watching bubbles being blown and popping them. She can blow them herself sometimes, but not too effectively yet.
During a recent tea party, she looked at Bears with disapproval written all over her face. He just didn't know how to do it right.
Fortunately, he was able to get it together pretty quickly. They had a lovely time, and even put the tea set away when they were done. Well, some of it.

Here she is talking on a glasses case phone, pulling around a small piece of luggage that had wheels. Practicing for her next trip to the airport.

Jan 18, 2012


The home we're in right now has served us well, but it's on a fairly busy road, and we've got some neighbors who are a little colorful. Like, I've seen what appear to be drug deals on more than one occasion colorful. We've been looking off and on for a new place since before Kins was born, but because Tim's company tools have really been pushing the limits of our garage space, we've been more seriously looking lately. We made an offer on a home that was accepted a couple of days ago. It has a 6 car garage in the back, and a regular 2 car attached, so, Tim won't be outgrowing this one for quite some time. The road isn't as busy as where we live now, and the area is one that's really safe with awesome schools. It does need quite a bit of work. The kitchen is tiny, and the carpets are all very old and not so clean. Tim will be remodeling it for awhile before it will be ready for us to move in. We can feel good about putting money into it, because the area is nice enough that if we had to sell, we should see it back. I'm excited about the idea of getting to decide how it looks, but a little stressed about how possible it will be to stay in our budget and complete the checklist we'd like to. Plus figuring out if we're going to sell or rent the home we're in now. All of this will span my third trimester and probably a few of Max's first weeks, as well as one of Tim's busiest times ever with work. Hopefully we can manage it all. And hopefully our inspections, an appraisal, and getting the loan all go okay.

Jan 6, 2012

27 Weeks

We were visiting my parents when my 27th week started. Tim hadn't done any maternity photos yet this pregnancy, so he naturally got involved.

I don't think my belly is getting bigger as fast as it was for awhile there. I measured it a couple of weeks ago and it was 34.5 inches. It's only grown 1/2 inch in the past two weeks. I'm weighing in at 124, which is about an 18 pound weight gain so far. That's about on track for a close to 30 pound total gain. My belly has been feeling like very cramped quarters for over a month now, but it doesn't seem to be much worse if any than a month ago. I just have to be careful how much I eat at a time, and I know that if I fall victim to the temptation to overeat, I'll be burping vomit and feeling like I'm going to explode for at least a couple of hours. Pregnancy is so cool in most ways, but there are a lot of gross things like that that you don't realize happen until you're experiencing them. It halfway counts as a cool thing though, because it's gross enough that I'm usually not tempted to eat too much. Yay?

Max is a squirmy boy, he moves all the time, and seems really strong. We were finally able to hear his heartbeat with the stethoscope this month. I think my placenta must cover a lot of the front of my uterus, because with Kins we could hear it about 6 weeks sooner. My midwife thought he had his head down at my appointment today, but he still has the space to flip all around however he pleases. I still think it's a good sign that he will settle that way though. We still haven't made much progress on picking a name. Max is our favorite so far, despite our initial misgivings about the name.

I tell Kins about how there's a baby in my belly, and she has noticed that my belly is an interesting shape, but I think she's still too little to understand.

I'm trying to take weekly belly pics this pregnancy like with Kins. I've only missed a few weeks, so I think the progression will be neat again.

Jan 4, 2012


We celebrated Christmas early with Tim's family a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately, Kins deleted every video Tim took of the occasion, and we didn't take pictures. It was a good party, with fun conversation and lots of tasty food. Kins got a tricycle, which she is loving pushing herself around on, her legs have another 3 inches to grow before she'll be able to properly reach the pedals though. She loved playing with her cousins, always a nice bonus for her when we get together with Tim's side of the family.

We visited my parents' house in the country for Christmas, where Kins got to see horses, cows, and chickens. Neither of my brothers made it out to Utah this year for Christmas. It was a little strange not having Eric around especially, since this is the only year he's ever not come that I can remember. To offset not having as much family there, there's nothing like having a Kins around to be so thrilled opening presents and having fun doing everything and anything.
She visited my parents horses. Feeding them carrots was fun.

But she soon started saying, "Yee-Haw!" Meaning, I want to get up and take a ride! She wasn't concerned about the horse's size at all.
She liked petting his soft neck.
Then she gave him a nice hug. 

She hitched a ride on daddy's shoulders too when she got tired of walking around the property.
She got lots of exciting presents. Here she is opening her package of zoo animals. She spotted the zebra in the mix right away and was very ancy to get it out.
Here she is first noticing her teapot. Love at first sight.
She has enjoyed her tea set more than most of her other presents I think.
She made sure to get some chillin' in too. She knows how to have a well rounded weekend.
She probably needed the chillin' after all the laughing she did with brama and papa.
She loves to be tickled, but she prefers to control when it happens. Here she is inviting Mr. Frog to tickle her.
And inviting Brama to tickle her.
Hysterics follow, sometimes before any actual contact with her belly.
Wrestling with papa was quite exhilarating. And also very staticy.
She loved hanging out at a new place, exploring everything, and getting to go out and check out the animals each day. We need to take her to the country more often.
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