Things Munchies Says

She always wants music playing. Usually the first thing she does in the morning is say, "music!". Lately, she requests her fav by saying, "Music... Dancing Queen!"

She's been hitting occasionally when she's frustrated. Which most often is when I'm trying to feed her. Today she surprised me by stroking my arm gently and saying, "Soft. No hitting mama!"

After getting set down and ignored for a minute because she kept attempting to rip my lip off my face, she bonked her head against the wall and went, "Bonk head!!" then put on a show of holding it and crying. I asked her if she needed a kiss, so she said, "Kiss head!" Then it became a game of which body part she would intentionally injure so that she needed a kiss.

Her obsession with farting continues. She liked to ID the farter now. Which most often means she's saying, "Dada farted!" Naturally, Mama is never implicated, not having any such habits.


  1. These observations are fantastic. I love the obsession with farting and identifying farters. Has she noticed that the animals can fart too? (Diego is a major culprit in our house, although sometimes wrongfully accused since his defense is always weak.)

  2. ahh I'm so jealous of her blossoming sense of humor. I'm still trying to do my best to teach locke the hilarity of farts but still to no day though. That's so cute that she loves listening to Dancing Queen. Such a classic.

  3. Thanks. :) Well, she watches youtubve videos of animals farting and loves that. But, she hasn't heard any of the pets fart yet. They're all usually silent farters.

    Ah, yes, it's really something when you have a child who fully appreciates the hilarity of farts. Maybe if he sees her laughing hysterically about them he will at least act like he thinks they're funny to impress her. I should've made hand fart noises when I was over at your house this morning. Although... there could be some real disadvantages to how alert she is to any fart noises. Like the inevitable day when she calls someone out on it who slips up but doesn't want to be discovered.

  4. I'm afraid her Papa is partly guilty for the fart humor...
    She is the "dancing queen" of your household. Funny that she asks for that tune by name.


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