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Getting to visit with Brama. She's seen Brama quite a bit lately and is quite smitten, often declaring her love for Brama when she's listing what she loves. Brama had to share her love the other night with red and green. It was pretty appropriate though because it was Christmas eve.
 Locke purposefully bonked his head against the wall the other day, so I told Kins to go give him a kiss on the head because he bonked it. She went right over, puckered up, and gave him a smooch directly on the lips. This pic is from a bit later, but it's from when she's either about to kiss him or just had.
 Fun times being rocked in the rocking chair.
 She left me several voicemails while Tim was playing video games the other day. He resorted to letting her do whatever she wanted on the phone. She made several calls. My voicemails were both her talking excitedly about having a drink of water.
 We met up with Tim's family for dinner and his sister brought her Mary Poppins bag. She kept pulling fascinating things out and Kins was in awe. When she stopped, Kins grabbed her hand and put in in the bag, hoping there might be some more to come.
 She's not normally into her blankie too much except for when she's going to sleep. One day though she wanted to take it with her out of the crib and carried it around for the morning. She's perched in one of her favorite locations, right in front of the radio. She loves pushing all the buttons and hearing music.
 She's in a boat! This is at the aquarium. Tim and I each got a year pass for $20, and Kins is free until she's 3. Not a bad deal considering it's $9 just for a single visit. I've been taking her about once a week.
After dinner with Tim's family we walked around temple square to see the lights. I'm still managing to zip up my warm jacket.


  1. Munchies and Bears sure are cute interacting. They both seem to be having a great time.
    Love the idea of a Mary Poppins purse! I guess that's where Munchies got the pretty black gloves she's wearing in the pic.

  2. love the Mary Poppins guess mine was like that too when my kids were small...

  3. Yes, the gloves are from the Mary Poppins purse. I have lots of stuff in my purse too, but since she's seen it all it's not nearly as exciting as another mom's purse.

  4. Those are some pretty adorable photos. I love how that first one of Bears and Zoey shows how clearly smitten he is with her. That one of you guys at temple square makes me realize that we may be about out of time to check out the lights at the zoo. blast it. and it's perfect weather for it too. oh, just saw your widget with the cuddly cute little max on it. excellent addition to the blog.


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