Fa la la la la!!

I slaved over this card for like 2 hours, carefully designing it as a 5x7. After I got done I discovered that 5x7's cost 1.59 per print vs. 4x6 prints priced at .19 cents per print. So, the cards I will be mailing out is just like this one, but squished so we all look slightly wide. Tim says he can't go wrong with wider shoulders, so it's worked out well I think.

This Christmas is going to be a quiet one for us. Neither of my brothers will be making the trek out to Utah this year, so it'll just be us and my parents celebrating on my side of the family. Tim's family will get together one day as usual too. Now, maybe I should start my Christmas shopping...


  1. that is an adorable card...

  2. The card is amazing. ugh...yeah, I'd better start cracking on my holiday shopping too.

  3. The card has many of my favorite pics. Very nice! I may be inspired to create our own card.


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