23 Weeks

I'm surprised my belly is this big at only 23 weeks, since baby boy should only be weighing in at around 1 pound. My starting weight with this pregnancy was the same as with Kins, and my current weight is almost exactly what it was with her at the same time. And yet, I looked like this with Kins week 23:
Ahhhh... on a side note, this picture makes me want it to be warm outside. Looks so nice out on my deck here.... Anyway. I never realized exactly how much work your abs are doing during a first pregnancy before they're stretched apart and can't do it again the next pregnancy. Mine are already at least a couple inches apart.

I had a rough week last week where I got a stomach bug that made me feel nauseated for several days. After the nausea was over, I just had a total lack of appetite, and every time I ate anything at all it felt like I was going to explode. I was feeling so crowded and huge. I thought maybe I'd just reached that point in pregnancy already, but, I've fully recovered now and am feeling good again. I'm relieved I don't have 4 months left to go feeling that way!

Max is moving around all the time now and is strong. In the evenings he seems to get the most active, and usually for a few minutes at least I can just sit back and watch the show he puts on. I'm enjoying pregnancy right now. I'm still living the dream between nausea/exhaustion and being so huge it's hard to sleep or eat. With any luck this comfortable time will last another couple of months.


  1. Living the dream, indeed. The second trimester is pretty great. Yeah...I guess you don't really realize how much the first pregnancy shredded your abs till the second one comes along and they can't even make any pretense of holding the baby in this time. Speaking of, I just ate a sizable dinner and now look at least 3-4 months pregnant.

  2. awww such a sweet photo....when I was having my babies we all tried to cover up our tummies...I love how you Mommies now showcase them...


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