2 Years Old

 Munchies turns two today. This past month she has changed a lot. Her verbal skills have evolved drastically. I've been surprised by how much better I can communicate with her. She's started putting words together now. She says things like, "Help, need waffles" or "Hi (person she's talking to)!". She'll say, "Help, pictures Locke" or "Help, need coloring book. Marker!" It's more work for me, but also really fun to have her be able to ask me for things. She points out "crying baby" if she hears one, or if she cries herself after she calms down, she'll announce, "crying baby". She's also learning words quickly. If it's something she is interested in learning she can learn words just by hearing them once or twice. She learned snowman, santa and deer all the day we got out the Christmas decorations. She's just becoming very talkative in general, always practicing those skills. Beyond what she can say, she seems to understand so much now. One day we were driving and the sun was in her eyes. She was hating it, so I handed back her hat and told her to put it on. She put it right on and was happy again. She's familiar with what most things are in the house, so she pretty well understands when I suggest something.

She's very observant, and copies everything, words and actions.  Here she is using the booger sucker on herself and her daddy.

 And carefully listening for her baby brother's heartbeat.
She learned her colors this past month. She knows about 10 of the most basic colors, so now we're working on the ones that aren't as obvious. She can fairly reliably count to 10, and she seems to understand if there is just one of something to only count to one. She's not too sure about how to count more objects than one yet. She knows all of her capital letters now. Next, I'll start working on the lower case letters with her. Also new this month is drawing circles. She loves coloring and asks me to get her markers all the time.

This month instead of just being able to lay her down when she's still awake without her crying for naps and bedtime, she actually asks to get in her crib. She'll go through, "Crib, sleep, bed" until we oblige. Sometimes we won't even get started rocking her before she starts asking for bed. It's a huge change from just a few months ago when getting her to sleep was a bare minimum half an hour routine. It's nice to have the extra time, but I also miss cuddling and rocking sometimes. She likes to sit in my lap for stories, but she gets up a lot to get a different story, so we're not quite to the point yet where we can cuddle for long while reading.

She's gotten more attached to the people she knows recently. She loves her grandparents and Laura the most. Here she is cuddling with Brama after waking up for a nap and discovering that Brama had arrived for a visit. 
This has been a really fun past month. I've been wondering how well she's going to understand what's going on when I have Max, and before this month, I was thinking not very well. Now, because I've seen her learn so much about communicating so quickly, I'm thinking she might really be able to talk about Max with me. That would help me a lot to make sure she's getting what she needs, which is something I worry about.


  1. That first picture is adorable. Ha, I don't think she's going to have much luck hearing her baby brother's heartbeat in Daddy's tummy!

  2. Happy Birthday cutie pie...love seeing Janie...have missed her blog posts...

  3. It is so crazy how fast she's changing. lol and yes, she's sure good at communicating what she wants these days. I love how you put the caption above the picture where she's listening for the baby's heartbeat so I scroll down thinking I know what I'm looking at and all I can think for the first second or so is what an unfortunate body hair situation you've got going on.


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