Dec 27, 2011

Pictures and Happenings

Getting to visit with Brama. She's seen Brama quite a bit lately and is quite smitten, often declaring her love for Brama when she's listing what she loves. Brama had to share her love the other night with red and green. It was pretty appropriate though because it was Christmas eve.
 Locke purposefully bonked his head against the wall the other day, so I told Kins to go give him a kiss on the head because he bonked it. She went right over, puckered up, and gave him a smooch directly on the lips. This pic is from a bit later, but it's from when she's either about to kiss him or just had.
 Fun times being rocked in the rocking chair.
 She left me several voicemails while Tim was playing video games the other day. He resorted to letting her do whatever she wanted on the phone. She made several calls. My voicemails were both her talking excitedly about having a drink of water.
 We met up with Tim's family for dinner and his sister brought her Mary Poppins bag. She kept pulling fascinating things out and Kins was in awe. When she stopped, Kins grabbed her hand and put in in the bag, hoping there might be some more to come.
 She's not normally into her blankie too much except for when she's going to sleep. One day though she wanted to take it with her out of the crib and carried it around for the morning. She's perched in one of her favorite locations, right in front of the radio. She loves pushing all the buttons and hearing music.
 She's in a boat! This is at the aquarium. Tim and I each got a year pass for $20, and Kins is free until she's 3. Not a bad deal considering it's $9 just for a single visit. I've been taking her about once a week.
After dinner with Tim's family we walked around temple square to see the lights. I'm still managing to zip up my warm jacket.

Dec 20, 2011

Things Munchies Says

She always wants music playing. Usually the first thing she does in the morning is say, "music!". Lately, she requests her fav by saying, "Music... Dancing Queen!"

She's been hitting occasionally when she's frustrated. Which most often is when I'm trying to feed her. Today she surprised me by stroking my arm gently and saying, "Soft. No hitting mama!"

After getting set down and ignored for a minute because she kept attempting to rip my lip off my face, she bonked her head against the wall and went, "Bonk head!!" then put on a show of holding it and crying. I asked her if she needed a kiss, so she said, "Kiss head!" Then it became a game of which body part she would intentionally injure so that she needed a kiss.

Her obsession with farting continues. She liked to ID the farter now. Which most often means she's saying, "Dada farted!" Naturally, Mama is never implicated, not having any such habits.

Dec 16, 2011

Copy Cat

Dec 15, 2011

Fa la la la la!!

I slaved over this card for like 2 hours, carefully designing it as a 5x7. After I got done I discovered that 5x7's cost 1.59 per print vs. 4x6 prints priced at .19 cents per print. So, the cards I will be mailing out is just like this one, but squished so we all look slightly wide. Tim says he can't go wrong with wider shoulders, so it's worked out well I think.

This Christmas is going to be a quiet one for us. Neither of my brothers will be making the trek out to Utah this year, so it'll just be us and my parents celebrating on my side of the family. Tim's family will get together one day as usual too. Now, maybe I should start my Christmas shopping...

Dec 14, 2011


It's hard to catch her on video when she's really into singing clearly without distracting her with the camera. This is the best video I've gotten so far. She sings along to the light from tangled and then follows it up with some "rhino".

Dec 12, 2011

Mature Example

Tim and I are obviously setting a really mature example for Munchies....

Of course the person who came up with showing her a video of an animal farting in the first place was my dad, so, I guess the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. It cracks me up how each fart is funnier to her than the last.

Dec 9, 2011

23 Weeks

I'm surprised my belly is this big at only 23 weeks, since baby boy should only be weighing in at around 1 pound. My starting weight with this pregnancy was the same as with Kins, and my current weight is almost exactly what it was with her at the same time. And yet, I looked like this with Kins week 23:
Ahhhh... on a side note, this picture makes me want it to be warm outside. Looks so nice out on my deck here.... Anyway. I never realized exactly how much work your abs are doing during a first pregnancy before they're stretched apart and can't do it again the next pregnancy. Mine are already at least a couple inches apart.

I had a rough week last week where I got a stomach bug that made me feel nauseated for several days. After the nausea was over, I just had a total lack of appetite, and every time I ate anything at all it felt like I was going to explode. I was feeling so crowded and huge. I thought maybe I'd just reached that point in pregnancy already, but, I've fully recovered now and am feeling good again. I'm relieved I don't have 4 months left to go feeling that way!

Max is moving around all the time now and is strong. In the evenings he seems to get the most active, and usually for a few minutes at least I can just sit back and watch the show he puts on. I'm enjoying pregnancy right now. I'm still living the dream between nausea/exhaustion and being so huge it's hard to sleep or eat. With any luck this comfortable time will last another couple of months.

Dec 6, 2011

2 Years Old

 Munchies turns two today. This past month she has changed a lot. Her verbal skills have evolved drastically. I've been surprised by how much better I can communicate with her. She's started putting words together now. She says things like, "Help, need waffles" or "Hi (person she's talking to)!". She'll say, "Help, pictures Locke" or "Help, need coloring book. Marker!" It's more work for me, but also really fun to have her be able to ask me for things. She points out "crying baby" if she hears one, or if she cries herself after she calms down, she'll announce, "crying baby". She's also learning words quickly. If it's something she is interested in learning she can learn words just by hearing them once or twice. She learned snowman, santa and deer all the day we got out the Christmas decorations. She's just becoming very talkative in general, always practicing those skills. Beyond what she can say, she seems to understand so much now. One day we were driving and the sun was in her eyes. She was hating it, so I handed back her hat and told her to put it on. She put it right on and was happy again. She's familiar with what most things are in the house, so she pretty well understands when I suggest something.

She's very observant, and copies everything, words and actions.  Here she is using the booger sucker on herself and her daddy.

 And carefully listening for her baby brother's heartbeat.
She learned her colors this past month. She knows about 10 of the most basic colors, so now we're working on the ones that aren't as obvious. She can fairly reliably count to 10, and she seems to understand if there is just one of something to only count to one. She's not too sure about how to count more objects than one yet. She knows all of her capital letters now. Next, I'll start working on the lower case letters with her. Also new this month is drawing circles. She loves coloring and asks me to get her markers all the time.

This month instead of just being able to lay her down when she's still awake without her crying for naps and bedtime, she actually asks to get in her crib. She'll go through, "Crib, sleep, bed" until we oblige. Sometimes we won't even get started rocking her before she starts asking for bed. It's a huge change from just a few months ago when getting her to sleep was a bare minimum half an hour routine. It's nice to have the extra time, but I also miss cuddling and rocking sometimes. She likes to sit in my lap for stories, but she gets up a lot to get a different story, so we're not quite to the point yet where we can cuddle for long while reading.

She's gotten more attached to the people she knows recently. She loves her grandparents and Laura the most. Here she is cuddling with Brama after waking up for a nap and discovering that Brama had arrived for a visit. 
This has been a really fun past month. I've been wondering how well she's going to understand what's going on when I have Max, and before this month, I was thinking not very well. Now, because I've seen her learn so much about communicating so quickly, I'm thinking she might really be able to talk about Max with me. That would help me a lot to make sure she's getting what she needs, which is something I worry about.

Dec 2, 2011

Melting Hearts

Munchies has learned how to melt hearts. Since this video was taken she has learned to direct the I love you to the person she's talking to. Right after she says it she goes, "Awwwww". Just this morning she said, "I love Mama," then right along with me she said, "Awww, how sweet!" Apparently mama is predictable.

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