I wanted to take Kins to the truck or treat in my neighborhood, but foolishly didn't realize it had happened the Wednesday before Halloween. We drove around to see if we could find another one Halloween night, and we did, but by the time we got back from buying candy so we could participate, it was over. So, we decided to trick or treat like old times. Kins had fun carefully selecting a piece of candy and putting it in her pumpkin at each house. We couldn't convince her to say trick or treat, but that's not too surprising since she won't even say hi to strangers up close. We had a great night, the weather decided to be kind, it must have been at least 60 out. It was nice just wandering around looking at people's decorations and pumpkin carving feats. One couple put up a tarp to make a mini haunted house in front of their door complete with fog. The husband was laying bloodied on the ground in a pile of leaves, ready to scare any older kids, while the wife handed out king sized candy bars. Other people sat out on their porches to hand out candy, because it was so nice outside.

I forgot to take a picture, so this old one is the best I can do. The hood had little antennas on it and the outfit came with black pants. I decided not to get more elaborate than that this year, since she doesn't really understand costumes yet. She was very cute carrying around her pumpkin, but I'll just have to remember without pictures.

The only bad (sort of...) part is we ended up with lots of candy, since we didn't get to take what we bought to the trunk or treat, and since people insisted on being very generous with Kins. I already weigh 115, which is what I weighed 3 weeks from now when I was pregnant with Kins. I'm trying to cut back a little on the gain, since it would be nice not to have to work as hard as I had to last time to lose the weight after this little one's arrival. Since I don't possess willpower when it comes to candy/dessert consumption*, I had Tim hide all the candy from me, and I am only allowed to select 5 pieces to eat each day. It's working out nicely so far.

* My yummy spot seems to have expanded back to it's regular size since around pregnancy week 14 or so, before which it temporarily shrunk down to normal person size.


  1. what a cute little ladybug...

  2. She sure looks cute in her outfit. I can imagine her carefully picking out her piece of candy. What a sweetheart.

  3. What is Truck or Treat? And only 5 pieces of candy a day... how do you do it? lol :)


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