Dr. Seuss Projects

I've gotten all of the material I ordered to make Max's room a Dr. Seuss theme. I've made two blankets so far, and I've almost finished one curtain. Next on my list is going thrift store shopping for picture frames and covering them with Dr. Seuss material. I also want to make a diaper stacker, crib skirt, and carseat cover. If I have any material (or motivation) left after those things are done I have some other ideas too.

Kins modeled for the pictures of her little bro's blankets.


  1. adorable....I love Dr. Suess..especially the Mr. Brown can moo can you book...

  2. The blankets turned out very cute. Max will love them. And Kins seems to want one of her own!

  3. I have a feeling that zoey will be getting more out of those than max for the first little while at least. They look pretty soft and dreamy.


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