ABC Song Duet

I think I see a daddy daughter band forming in the future. She loves singing and music. She often requests that the radio be turned on, and she can recognizably sing maybe 10 songs. She sings just the first couple lines of each, but at least a few words per line. I can tell what she's singing anyway, although maybe not everyone could. She wakes up singing, goes to bed singing, and she bursts into song multiple times per day.  The songs she sings most are Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, this song, Elmo's song, The light song from Tangled, Wheels on the Bus, The Rhino Song, and I Won't Stay Inside (Sesame Street). Singing to her is one of the best ways to calm her down if we're driving and I can't actually hold her. Tim has a pretty good ear for music, he remembers lyrics really well, and can pick out songs on the guitar fairly easily. I, on the other hand, can barely even sing a song Tim and I both know perfectly well and have Tim recognize it. I can never remember the words, and my tune is always terribly wrong. In my head it sounds just right, but I can't make it come out that way. Luckliy, I think Kins is taking after Tim musically.


  1. little britches loves music too...some days we sound like a musical around here...

  2. You didn't mention how she can sing the entire ABC song without any help at all. Seems like a very impressive skill for a lady under 2. That video of them singing together is adorable.


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