23 Months

After her incident refusing to nap and my finally resorting to letting her cry in order to get her some sleep, Munchies likes her crib a lot more than she ever has. Instead of rocking her to sleep and laying her down totally out, we can now lay her down awake and she won't cry. She always sits up after being laid down so that she can arrange her blankie just so, and then she'll lay her head down on it and drift off.

She loves singing, and knows the tunes of maybe 5-10 songs as well as a smattering of words throughout each song. She knows every letter except for N in the alphabet. Z, N, and M were all tough for her after learning W. She was confused by how similar they all are I guess. She can identify the numbers 1-10 and often will count to ten correctly, although she doesn't quite get the concept of counting objects. She can identify star, moon (crescent), square, triangle, heart, and circle shapes. She often grabs my hand when she's drawing and puts it over hers saying, "heart". She wants me to help her draw a heart. It seems to be her favorite shape, but she gets a kick out of having me draw any of the shapes/letters/numbers she knows using her hand. She especially loves when I draw something on her hand. She is obsessed with coloring. Markers are the tool of choice, these are better than crayons, because they have lids you can put on and than take off again when you turn each page. I have notebooks for her and she loves flipping through coloring some on each page. I think it keeps her occupied better than anything else. She likes to notice what she's scribbled too, if it looks like a letter or shape, and announce it.

She's really starting to get that she can communicate with me. She'll grab my hand saying, "hep!" (help) and lead me over to solve problems for her. Usually, it's to open a door, get a tight lid off a marker, or get down from a high place. Today, Bears had a cup of cheerios that was hers. She looked at it, and at first she looked frustrated, and I thought she was going to start complaining. Instead, she looked up at me, grabbed my hand, and said, "hep!", pulling my hand over to the cup.

She calls Tim by several names. Tim, Timmy, and Dada. She'll run into his office yelling, "Timmy!" She calls to us across the house if she hears us. I'm just mama, no fancy names. Guess Tim is more consistent than me about calling me one thing. She also learned Laura's name this month. She is obsessed with Laura. Whenever Laura comes over, Kins is always hugging her legs, wanting to be picked up. She then just sits in Laura's arms for extended periods of time, totally content. Today she heard Laura calling downstairs when Laura got here, and when I told her who it was, she goes, "Yaya!" She then began screaming in excitement. After Laura and Bears left, she ate lunch. When she went back into the living room, she looked around, and yelled, "Yaya?" I heard her identify Locke today too, but she pretty much says his name correctly, so no fun nicknames there. They had fun both riding on pony friend. Also, playing in Kin's new playhouse, which I need to post pictures of. Here's a sneak peek.

And here are her and Bears enjoying a stroll.

It's fun starting to really be able to communicate with her and taking her on adventures. Usually, it's just the library, a walk, the park, or a playdate. But, I try to bring her new places too, like Wheeler Farm and Gardener Village this past month. She's still just as sweet as when the day she was born. She showers me with at least 10 hugs every day, the occasional kiss, and she lights up when she sees her daddy come up from work. Here they are snuggling in the morning. I usually go get her and we all hang out in bed for a few minutes while she is extra sleepy and snuggly. Then she decides she's ready to rumble and we get going with the day.


  1. She's learning so many exciting things now! I especially love the bath photo that shows all of her pretty hair.

  2. I noticed how especially cute her hair was looking in the bath photo too. and of course I love how cute that picture of her and locke holding hands turned out. I'm also pretty pumped to finally have a name issued to me by kins. such an honor. Your mornings sound pretty amazing...and very different from ours. Bears is ready for action right from the get go.

  3. Will this be the last Kins post in months? She's going to be a big girl age soon! 2!


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