19 Weeks

It's crazy how much faster my belly is getting big this time. I've got strangers mentioning I'm pregnant, which never happened until around 26 weeks with Kins. I'm not wearing maternity pants yet, but the rubber band trick on regular pants probably won't last a whole lot longer. I feel Max moving probably ten times a day now. Tim hasn't felt him yet, but there have been a few times that he would have been able to if he'd been feeling at the right time. Little guy is getting strong already. 

Max is supposed to weigh around half a pound right now. I, on the other hand, have gained 10 pounds. My midwife said that puts me on track for a 25-30 pound weight gain, but with Kins I had gained a few pounds less at this time, and still ended up with a 30 pound weight gain. I'm a little frightened to gain more than with her, because it didn't seem necessary since I had to lose 15 pounds of fat after. You're only supposed to really need to gain around 5 pounds of fat. I've instigated a 3 part plan to keep fat gain more under control this time. Part 1: I'm back to working out just about daily now, so that should help. It's felt good to get back into it, getting out of the routine I forgot how nice that extra energy feels after a workout. Part 2: I'm making an effort to not eat dessert too often. Most importantly, I've been making sure there's no dessert in the house most of the time. I don't have any self control when it comes to eating huge amounts of dessert. Part 3: I'm trying to eat semi-healthy. Like, not a huge amount of pizza, mac n cheese, or sugary cereals. Seems like a plan that will work okay. And it should be healthier for Max too. 

After finding out Max is a boy, I started looking around at nursery ideas. I fell in love with a Dr. Seuss theme right away. But, all of the Dr. Seuss nursery stuff is really expensive. So, I ordered the material I wanted, and I'm going to attempt to sew the things myself that I think should be fairly easy. A few blankets, curtains, a carseat cover for the carseat he'll use which is pink, and if I have extra material and time I'll work on a hamper cover and maybe covering some picture frames. There are lots of cute ideas out there for projects to accent the nursery. His room is already painted tan/brown, so nothing much needs to be done with that.

I've started to get attached to the name Max. If I keep calling him Max for another 5 months though, I'm not sure I'll be able to call him anything else after he's born. It's true that the name is a compliment if anything, but is it bad that it might make people giggle? 


  1. Your plan sounds pretty brilliant. I'd like to say that I'm being somewhat healthy but that would be a brazen lie. After eating all those tasty cookies you left here I got a real taste for them I guess and had to buy some cookie dough to make my own. while they're not as good, I've still somehow managed to eat 6 of them today. I still say it's really unlikely that the name could be used against him. I'd say odds are that he'll be admired specifically because of that name.

  2. so happy to see things are going well for you annd the baby...


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