There's a rail along the side of our bed, and she loves to climb down onto it so she's in a little nest between the wall and the bed.
Sitting on Daddy to read a story.
Fashion savvy.
We went to a hay maze over the weekend. She liked to stack handfuls of hay from the ground onto hay bales. She would have stayed in one place doing that for a long time. She didn't get why everyone else wanted to leave.
Happy about wearing mama's hat and glasses.
Cuddling up, saying, "night night".
After watching daddy repair her train she was very interested in learning the skill.


  1. aww I love her little nest that she found. It's nice when they can find places that are just their size. She looks like she means business with Tim's leatherman there. I have a feeling that Bears is gonna want her to teach him her new skills with tools.

  2. she is so cute...great photos..

  3. She's highly fashionable in her hat and glasses.
    She's good with tools, too. Tim will no doubt have her on the job soon.


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