First Trimester

This time around has been different than with Kins. I got morning sickness sooner, at around 5 weeks, and it hit me harder. I never actually threw up, but my tastes have drastically changed and I've had a harder time eating very much. It's the weirdest thing to NOT want chocolate chip cookies all the time. I usually make them once a week or so and never tire of them. I'm 16 weeks now, and the morning sickness is gone, but the dessert cravings have not returned. Wouldn't that be neat if they never did?

With Kins I kept jogging until my side pain stopped me, this time I was too sick in the morning to eat a meal and get jogging before the sun got cooking.  And the few times I managed the morning sickness was twice as bad when I got done. My body just decided to rebel against jogging this time. Now I'm getting the good old side pain again, and my belly is getting big already too. I think jogging is on pause until April.

I had the usual 1st trimester exhaustion this time, just like with Kins I think. With Kins I was working, so I would just go to bed at 9 every night. This time, I stayed up with Tim (you know, till like 10:30, whew!) but as a result I needed a nap when Kins took her nap. Now I'm skipping most of the napping, and it feels so nice to use the time for me or to do something productive.

The other thing that's different this time around is my size. Here's my 16 week picture this pregnancy.

For comparison, here's my 22 week picture with Kins. I think it looks pretty similar to the current 16 week pic. 


  1. looks like all is going well...such an exciting happy for you and your family...

  2. Yup, one thing I learned is your body looks pregnant sooner with each kid you have. You still look great though so you have nothing to worry about. Someday you'll be able to eat cookies again, mine was popcorn smell. I am so excited for you. :)

  3. You look bigger in the 22 week picture to me. And I specifically remember thinking that you looked smaller in that 22 week photo than in real life. I might buy that you look right around where you were at at 20 weeks before though. Either way, you're just on the cusp of entering that super adorable pregnancy stage that lasts till 8 months or so. And even that's still cute...just more in the constantly-grimacing-while-waddling-everywhere sort of way.

  4. That baby is growing fast! The Kins and her grandparents are looking forward to another baby to love.

  5. It is an adorable little baby belly whatever week it is. Do you know what it is yet or will it be a surprise?

  6. Thanks Deb, yeah, we're excited. :)

    Interesting, popcorn still seems tasty. Although, I haven't actually had any for probably over a year.

    Maybe slightly bigger at 22 weeks last time, but I was smaller at 20 weeks for sure so somewhere right around there. Yes, it's always nice to get to the stage where people can tell right away you're actually pregnant vs just possibly having eaten too many cookies.

    Yep, Kins is excited. I need to get a few books on how to make the transition the easiest on the first baby.

    I have an ultrasound in a couple of weeks, we will find out then. I'm just terrible at surprises, they're not really my thing. :)

  7. your body knows the drill. you look great!


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