22 Months

She can sing the tune of the entire alphabet song and many of the letters in the song right. It's her favorite song, and she sings it to herself often. She understands a lot of what I tell her now. She knows where to go and what to do when I suggest taking a bath, brushing her teeth, putting things away, going to get certain things, getting down from inappropriate places, going outside, going in the bathroom, changing her diaper, playing with certain types of toys, ect. She says a lot more words now, and copies words constantly when I say them even if she's not actually using them herself yet. She asks for help and seems to really enjoy the attention of getting help. She goes, "hep!" when she wants to get down from someplace high, where she's probably not supposed to be in the first place... but at least she asks for hep rather than falling down, right? It's very cute. And now for some pictures!

She's obsessed with buckling things these days.
Still loves riding in her carrier.
Playing in the dirt is a big favorite. Digging in it with a stick makes for an extra thrill. This dirt area is at the edge of our yard, and if she has her way, we rarely get past our property line on "walks".
She loves climbing into her stroller. She doesn't even mind if she doesn't get taken anywhere, it's just super cozy in there I guess.
A Halloween warm up suit I couldn't resist buying.
Story time at the library with Bears. They loved sitting in the chairs like adults instead of sitting on the floor in front of the story teller like the other kids.
Climbing up on top of the back of the couch and into the window is entertaining for an indefinite period of time. I always get bored of having to sit there behind her to make sure she doesn't have a fall before she gets bored, and I sit there with a book reading for quite awhile sometimes.
Hanging with Bears is a favorite past time. She gets so excited when he and Laura come over that she doesn't know what to do with herself and just runs around the house screaming. The last time he was over she got very into feeding him and giving him water from his straw cup. She was very nurturing. She also watches him play with toys, then helps show him how it's done. That or sometimes steals them...
Her box is still sitting in the living room. Probably will be there for months... if not longer.

Driving Bears around at the mall.
She went through a period of refusing to nap this month. Here she is all passed out in her carseat from the exhaustion of not napping properly.
And here's how she was looking for several days without napping at all. After all else failed, I finally resorted to letting her cry it out. She cried for 1.5 hours the first day, it was terrible. But, 4 days into it she was only crying for 6 minutes, and now less than 1 minute, if at all. And she's her full of energy and happy self the rest of the day now.
Inspecting tires is her specialty.

She loves bath time. When I suggest it she runs to the bathroom screaming, "tub!!"
Tunnels are her favorite part of the park.
Observing tennis.


  1. The tub pic is great and I love that she's wearing converse. I can't wait to see you guys on Tuesday!

  2. I think that picture of her reading with Tim is my favorite. It shows off all her cute little hair flips really well. Top quality pics overall though. Bears really got into the pictures of the both of them, excitedly saying "Beaws! Zozey!" alternately. not necessarily at the correct baby but he got it right at least 50% of the time. Oh and the decimal point is almost invisible on my computer so it appeared that on the first day of crying it out, she cried for 15 hours straight. I was really thinking that I'd been recalling her crying it out experience as being much milder than it was until I reread it. Phew. 15 hours of crying it out really would be a doozy.

  3. After the tire inspections and the dirt inspections, the tub idea was a good one!
    Really like the pic of her reading with Tim, but all of the pics are cute. I'm glad she's napping again and feeling happier.
    At first, I thought you wrote 15 hrs of crying, too. 1.5 hrs is much better, by comparison!
    Cute to see Kins and Bears sitting in the big people chairs at the library.

  4. Well, he knew which people were in the picture, and that's what counts!

    I think the decimal point is fainter with the font on my blog. Man... 15 hours. I think that would just qualify as child abuse.

  5. lol I thought it said 15 hours too....love the photo with the ladybug jacket on...she is just too cute...


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