We got a really cool box. Perfect for climbing into and having plenty of space to drag all kinds of things in too, including daddy on this occasion.
She chillin'.
Climbing up on this chest and smearing baby handprints all over the mirror=the best time ever.
Hanging with Bears at the park.
More fun with the box.
Saw this hat for sale at the fair, couldn't turn it down.
Her latest wound. Simply walking toward a stair she lost control and landed on the edge of it on her chin. She bit her tongue badly, you could see about 5 different teeth marks on it. That's blood on her shirt. It's all scabbed over now and she doesn't seem bothered by her terribly bitten tongue.
Another box, this time getting pulled around by Daddy.
After having smeared hamburger helper liberally throughout her hair, which, by the way, is starting to grow out with cute little flips of hair all over the place.


  1. Food in hair is an expected hazard. She wears it well!
    Boxes are always the coolest toddler toy going. She seems to think Daddy and the stuffed animals like it, too.

  2. kids always love the boxes better than the toys...awesome memories...


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