Flowers from Tim for our 5 year anniversary. He's not normally one to buy flowers, so they were a nice surprise.
 With her cousins.
 Crayons belong in ears, right?

She loves sitting in the laundry basket with stuffed animals and reading.
 She still sits on her bear chair regularly too.
 She's starting to look big on pony friend.
 At the hotel pool with daddy. She got cold fast, but seemed to enjoy it.
 Sitting in adult chairs is big time fun now that she can climb up on her own. Standing is even better.
 Her cousin Stella showed her how a tea party is thrown. She's helping out.


  1. she is growing up so fast...cute photos...

  2. All cute. Love the reading in the laundry basket. Looks cozy in there.

  3. She's getting so big and cuter than ever. Great to see you guys last week!


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