We took a trip to Minneapolis to see my brother Eric get married. It was one packed trip, but really fun too. We saw our friends April and Julian as much as we could in between wedding related events, so we didn't leave ourselves much spare time. Kins missed her nap entirely on more than one day, which hardly ever happens at home. She isn't used to napping in her stroller and on the go, so I couldn't always get her to. I was impressed with how well she held up. Traveling with a kid is definitely tricky at times, and my brother and sister in law were traveling with 4. Needless to say, we were late to more than one event. Luckily, my new sister in law wasn't sweating it in the least. The day of the wedding we showed up for pictures late. We had been running late already, and then when we were getting in the car I realized I forgot Kins carseat in the hotel room, which was like a mile away from the parking garage. Anita was the picture of calm when we arrived, not annoyed even a bit, and with her wedding just a couple hours away. Impressive.

Tim dressed in his tux playing with Kins before the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a blast. We got Kins to sleep in a special area they had for sleeping babies with a nanny. Meanwhile, we hit the dance floor. It was so much fun, we haven't been dancing in forever. That dance floor was happening too. There wasn't a single person slacking, everyone was hitting it with their top moves.

All dressed up, quite a rarity.

 The groomsmen. I like that hottie second from the left.
 My other brother and his family.
 With Kins in her heart dress that grandpa and grandma picked out, since I forgot to pack her a dress at all.
We had a great trip. It was fun to get to see April's house for the first time and realize that she's practically an interior designer. Or maybe it's Julian, anyway, one or both of those two has some serious taste.


  1. Excellent post and pictures. Zoey's heart dress is just darling and the grown ups all look so dashing/beautiful, respectively. Looks like a pretty awesome event. Especially with that special nap time place for babies equipped with a nanny and everything. oh and Bears kept getting really excited and proclaiming "Tessa!" and "Zosey!" while pointing at you guys.

  2. Cute pics. The heart dress suits the Kins perfectly, if I do say so myself.
    So sweet that Bears knows both you and kins by name.

  3. What a smart bear he is knowing both of our names. I've really got to see if I can get Kins to learn yours.

  4. what a fun family time...great photos...


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