21 Months

She loves the park. We try to take her most nights.
 Grandma and Paw Paw came with us when they were in town before we all left for Minneapolis. It was good times. Some kids wanted to pet Sadie and Howard and she got jealous. She went over and tried to shoo them away. She's always screaming, "Sayyydddeeee, Howwwwww!" whenever she sees dogs or hears barking. She loves those puppies.
 With all her cousins who she got to meet for the first time this month. She loved playing with them.

 With her daddy at Eric's wedding. She just pointed to this picture and said, "Dada!" as I was writing this. She got to spend all her time with Dada while we were away. He's been busy with work a lot recently, so it was a good chance for them to get closer.
This month she learned to climb up on chairs and many other things. She learned to climb from those up onto higher surfaces. Basically, she learned how to make mama watch her like a hawk all the time!


  1. I love the photo with the cousins. It was fun seeing them together.

  2. such cute pictures. I think the tea party is my favorite. Bears can't decide...he shrieks excitedly at just about all of them.


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