Sep 21, 2011

Kins and her Grandparents

Hm, look what I just found! Old pictures that I meant to publish in a post a couple of months ago. Better late than never..

Sep 20, 2011


We got a really cool box. Perfect for climbing into and having plenty of space to drag all kinds of things in too, including daddy on this occasion.
She chillin'.
Climbing up on this chest and smearing baby handprints all over the mirror=the best time ever.
Hanging with Bears at the park.
More fun with the box.
Saw this hat for sale at the fair, couldn't turn it down.
Her latest wound. Simply walking toward a stair she lost control and landed on the edge of it on her chin. She bit her tongue badly, you could see about 5 different teeth marks on it. That's blood on her shirt. It's all scabbed over now and she doesn't seem bothered by her terribly bitten tongue.
Another box, this time getting pulled around by Daddy.
After having smeared hamburger helper liberally throughout her hair, which, by the way, is starting to grow out with cute little flips of hair all over the place.

Sep 19, 2011

Box Rides

Daddy thought to give her a ride in a diaper box recently. It was a big hit.

She had fun giving her stuffed animal box rides later.

Sep 18, 2011

Bear Hair

Kins was fascinated by this Bear hair that she found the other day.


Sep 17, 2011


Having fun with her cousins in Minnesota. That hotel hallway was a blast.

Sep 16, 2011


Kins is interested in learning her ABCs and she also really enjoys the song. In this video near the beginning you can hear her sing, "HIJK..mumble, mumble, mumble." It's very impressive. She shouts it a little later. And near the end of video she clearly sings, "Now I know my ABCs." There's also a dance score at the beginning if the rest of this description didn't motivate you properly to watch.

Sep 10, 2011


We took a trip to Minneapolis to see my brother Eric get married. It was one packed trip, but really fun too. We saw our friends April and Julian as much as we could in between wedding related events, so we didn't leave ourselves much spare time. Kins missed her nap entirely on more than one day, which hardly ever happens at home. She isn't used to napping in her stroller and on the go, so I couldn't always get her to. I was impressed with how well she held up. Traveling with a kid is definitely tricky at times, and my brother and sister in law were traveling with 4. Needless to say, we were late to more than one event. Luckily, my new sister in law wasn't sweating it in the least. The day of the wedding we showed up for pictures late. We had been running late already, and then when we were getting in the car I realized I forgot Kins carseat in the hotel room, which was like a mile away from the parking garage. Anita was the picture of calm when we arrived, not annoyed even a bit, and with her wedding just a couple hours away. Impressive.

Tim dressed in his tux playing with Kins before the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a blast. We got Kins to sleep in a special area they had for sleeping babies with a nanny. Meanwhile, we hit the dance floor. It was so much fun, we haven't been dancing in forever. That dance floor was happening too. There wasn't a single person slacking, everyone was hitting it with their top moves.

All dressed up, quite a rarity.

 The groomsmen. I like that hottie second from the left.
 My other brother and his family.
 With Kins in her heart dress that grandpa and grandma picked out, since I forgot to pack her a dress at all.
We had a great trip. It was fun to get to see April's house for the first time and realize that she's practically an interior designer. Or maybe it's Julian, anyway, one or both of those two has some serious taste.

Sep 9, 2011

21 Months

She loves the park. We try to take her most nights.
 Grandma and Paw Paw came with us when they were in town before we all left for Minneapolis. It was good times. Some kids wanted to pet Sadie and Howard and she got jealous. She went over and tried to shoo them away. She's always screaming, "Sayyydddeeee, Howwwwww!" whenever she sees dogs or hears barking. She loves those puppies.
 With all her cousins who she got to meet for the first time this month. She loved playing with them.

 With her daddy at Eric's wedding. She just pointed to this picture and said, "Dada!" as I was writing this. She got to spend all her time with Dada while we were away. He's been busy with work a lot recently, so it was a good chance for them to get closer.
This month she learned to climb up on chairs and many other things. She learned to climb from those up onto higher surfaces. Basically, she learned how to make mama watch her like a hawk all the time!

Sep 8, 2011


 Flowers from Tim for our 5 year anniversary. He's not normally one to buy flowers, so they were a nice surprise.
 With her cousins.
 Crayons belong in ears, right?

She loves sitting in the laundry basket with stuffed animals and reading.
 She still sits on her bear chair regularly too.
 She's starting to look big on pony friend.
 At the hotel pool with daddy. She got cold fast, but seemed to enjoy it.
 Sitting in adult chairs is big time fun now that she can climb up on her own. Standing is even better.
 Her cousin Stella showed her how a tea party is thrown. She's helping out.

Sep 5, 2011


We just got home from Minneapolis where I got to see my brother get married. This is Kins getting a ride at 11 pm to the convenience store on paw paws shoulders. She got to see her first pimp there when we arrived.
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